Explore beyond what can be seen in the frame of a painting is the aim of the art project Cyclorama Mobile, in which the tradition of the panoramic painting with digital, software programming and technology motion detection combined, to create "pictorial experience telepresence."

Cyclorama Movil MetapanoramaCyclorama Mobile is an artistic and technological project that is currently performing artist Raul Moyado Sandoval in Mexico, which is to create "an experience of tele-presence pictorial to renew the display mode of a painting", in which the legacy of combining the panoramic painting with software programming and motion detection technologies to create a series of interactive panoramas where the viewer can rotate the view and see the different angles work.

Mobile Cyclorama sketchThis combination of art and technology creates an immersive experience in the viewer, thanks to the representation of monumental landscapes painted on some buildings called cyclorama.

To achieve this, Moyado Sandoval uses the code Google It provides in its Street View service, adapted to the project Cyclorama Mobile Internet, to capture images and build a panoramic model of multiple perspectives distorted in order to create an optical illusion from different angles created with the software JavaScrip, HTML5 programming and technology webGL to display the work interactively and panoramic.

In addition, this artist and programmer fail to turn sensors accelerometer and gyroscope incorporating the iPad tablet to the point of view of painting (using predefined drawings and precise spatial distortions) is changed according to the orientation of the device , which allows you to view the work from different angles and create new experiences through the web in the field of painting, which the artist defines as 'Metapanoramas'.

Cyclorama Movil

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By • 30 Apr, 2014
• Section: Accessories, Simulation

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