Installed in the new building of the Parliament of Oman, in the Majlis Conference room, motorized Arthur Holm monitors, equipped with touch-controlled screens using software AHnet, guarantee the institutional and administrative work of the Sultanate.

Arthur Holm Parlamento Majlis Oman

For this project of Arthur Holmin which combine ancient traditions and progressive modernity of the institutions of the Sultanate of Oman, monitors motor with touch screens are customized in a special color to match it with the Conference system installed in Conference Room Majlis, as well as with the logo of the Sultanate, placed in the back of the same.

Arthur Holm Parlamento Majlis Oman

Aiming to connect all devices in the network has been implemented the ERT interface and control software of AHnet monitor of this brand, with distances of wiring up to 500 meters. As noted from this company, the use of interfaces Albiral/Arthur Holm ERT are useful for grouping monitors and divide control areas, mainly when it comes to an important number of devices as in this project.

Connectivity is via the standard RJ45 standard, which allows you to diagnose the State of the equipment, as well as to quickly detect problems wiring and duplication of addresses. In combination with the software of control AHnet, it facilitates the recovery of different scenes of work as well as the creation of automated test routines.

As a result, all the teams are ready and ready for use by users prior to the holding of an event or important meeting in the Parliament of Oman, guaranteeing the efficiency and productivity of the institution.

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By • 30 Apr, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Distribution signals

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