The software application ET-CUT10 Visual Panasonic System Solutions for professional projection of this manufacturer equipment allows edge blending automatic, harmonizing colors and geometrical adjustment to create images.

Panasonic ET-CUK10

Software for high-end DLP projectors of Panasonic ET-CUK10 quickly adjusts the multi-screen projections or displays curved to create perfect images with fused edges, colors harmonized and geometric adjustments.

The upgrade kit Auto Screen Adjustment, available for professional Panasonic equipment, including model PT-DZ21K and DZ13K series projectors DLP DZ870, dramatically reduces the time and installation costs.

Panasonic ET-CUK10This innovative system combines the technology of the camera and the Geometry Manager Pro software company, as well as offering a simple configuration steps.

As explains Hartmut Kulessa, marketing manager of Panasonic, "automatic adjustment of display update can be used with a variety of different displays, as convex, concave, horizontal type and form of S. The images degrade less than with other systems based on external software, since the calibration adjustment is provided by the internal processor of images from the projector. It's a fantastic, simple and yet very effective tool".

Auto Screen Adjustment works as an update of the Geometry Manager Pro software and joint ET-CUK10 activation and Geometry Manager Pro (ET-UK20) lets you take full advantage of Panasonic projectors.

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By • 30 Apr, 2014
• Section: Accessories, Display, Projection

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