With the aim of creating audio applications of augmented reality with sound technology that offer the intelligent headphones created by the Danish company GN, this company has launched the first Hack-at-Home which will take place in Barcelona.

GN, multinational Danish specialized in processing of sound, has chosen the city of Barcelona, "by be an of them more innovative of the world", as designated from this company, to put up their first Hack-at-Home (mobile application programming competition) with the aim of creating applications using sound technology that offer their intelligent headphones (Intelligent Headset), recently developed by GN.

This event sponsored by GN offers to the programmers and developers of App the opportunity of be them first to level world in have access to this technology "comparable with the of Google Glasses", according to point their responsible. For the Hack-at-Home the company will provide them headphones and the support technical so, from Barcelona, "is believed the vanguard of what already is begins to know as AAR (audio reality augmented)".

Intelligent Headset

As developers of NG underscore "the Intelligent Headset is more than just a high quality headset. "Is is of an experience of sound revolutionary, with which the user can listen sounds from of all the addresses that is coordinated with the location and movement of the head".

These headphones clever feature integrated sensors so the user can identify where and which direction is following. During near a month (from the 14 of mayo to the 11 of June), the programmers that participate in the Hack-at-Home of Barcelona can explore all the potential of this technology, that even not is is available in the market. Participants will have access to the SDK (software development kit) carried out by the company, as well as the prototype of the Intelligent Headset.

Audiologias of the cities, GPS guided by sounds geared to blind, environments virtual of sound Geolocated, games, learning of music, languages or history..., are only some of the possibilities that offer them Intelligent Headset. He greater potential of this new technology of sound lies in its capacity of identify them movements of the head of who them used and establish with accuracy the address in which is looking the user in all time.

The developers that not are in Barcelona may participate online in the Hack-at-Home thanks to a new emulator virtual of operation of them headphones included in the SDK. The Organization has scheduled this event with a comprehensive scheme of follow-up and support to the enterprise, which includes talks on mobile marketing, intellectual property protection of the same and technical development.

The winning team may submit one of their representatives to an internship paid for three months at the headquarters of GN in Denmark, an opportunity that will allow you to link to its innovative technological equipment. All the participants that complete the process also will receive awards.

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By • 5 May, 2014
• Section: Audio, Events, Training

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