Robe lighting technology was the choice for the opening ceremony, which was held at the beginning of the year, from the remodeled football Brazil Beira-Rio Stadium, location in which the football 2014 World Cup matches will take place.

The Beira-Rio Stadium, the second largest of southern Brazil and Sport Club Internacional soccer team headquarters, has completed its refurbishment, in time for the celebration of major matches of the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

Located in Porto Alegre, beside the Guaíba River, and with a capacity to 56,000 people, the stadium was officially re-opened last February the lighting technology was used for the ceremony of Robe. The show, designed by Patrick Woodroffe, included 531 moving lights from this manufacturer were specified and supplied by the Brazilian company of rent LPL.

One of the challenges that were faced when creating this show was to make sure that the lighting work in harmony with the striking projections. Also, had a cast of 500 actors and dancers, more than 400 musicians and it had that illuminate a presentation of Fatboy Slim, that concluded the show of four hours of duration.

To illuminate the playing field completely, the stadium was divided into three sections or layers. The top, mounted in the ceiling above the Grandstand and the more distant from the area of operation, contained more powerful devices, ColorWash 2500E AT, ColorSpot 2500E AT and ColorBeam 2500E AT's Robe, along with 24 RobinMMX WashBeam and 96 of the 113 Robin Pointe. These were the main devices to throw light on the playing field, in addition to illuminate the audience.

The WashBeam MMX, due to their shutters framing, were also used to designate specific objects and artists while the Pointe were used to help recreate several moments of the football team as the show unfolded. Then, a Pointe was used as follow-spot on a piece of props simulating a time capsule transported across the course.

The second layer of lights contained, mainly, lights beam using lamps 5R more some Pointe, ColorSpot 1200EAT and ColorWash 1200E AT additional.

The third was formed mostly by 66 600 LEDWash, located around the perimeter of the field for wash effects throughout the area with large, intense and brilliant color sweeps.

In each of the four corners of the field behind the appliances LEDWash 600 had 5 Pointe, special effects and shoot you intense beams from the angle that cut throughout the field of play.

In addition to the action main in the field, had two scenarios mobile under participating of the show that entered and came out of scene in different moments, in one had an orchestra and in the other a series of bands of pop and rock local.

When Fatboy Slim took the stage to shake the Beira-Rio Stadium, was surrounded by 50 small LEDBeam 100 of Robe, mounted on the floor of the stage by the staff to make quick maneuvers of movement, hard to achieve with devices larger or heavier.

At this point the multimedia stage show was transformed into a giant psychedelic celebration of electronic music with lighting that brought together multiple colours, gobos and textures firing in all directions, giving energy and reaching everyone in the venue.

The show of lights was programmed and operated with two consoles grandMA2 full size by Sergio Antonio and Paulo Lebrao. They, along with the technical directors of LPL Bruno Lima and Caio Berti, Cesio Lima and Woodroffe.

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By • 5 May, 2014
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