Five stadiums for the 2014 World Cup, which will be held in just a month in Brazil, have the lighting technology developed by GE Lighting, meeting of FIFA's stringent specifications and ensuring maximum visibility outside and within the field and transmission in HD.

The biggest football event, the World Cup, will be in his imminent appointment in Brazil next month of June with experience in multinational lighting GE Lightingthat it has installed its technology in five important stages in which the world, among them the Macarana, will take place to ensure the best experience in the field, as well as for fans and viewers.

The Brasilia national stadiums, Amazon, Pernambuco, Beira Rio and Maracanã feature latest generation of GE Lighting lighting systems. "HD transmission requires levels of lighting, and ten times more colour reproduction. Our technology meets the requirements of FIFA so that fans around the world can feel as if they were in the field to turn on the TV", said Alexandre Ferrari, general manager of GE Lighting in Brazil.

GE Lighthing projectors EF 2000 will be used in 28 of the 64 games of the World Cup in 2014. In addition to meet the requirements of FIFA on energy efficiency, these lighting systems are pending the certification LEED (System of maximum energy efficiency and environmental design developed by the US Green Building Council).

The company is also responsible for the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) solutions installed in three stages to ensure the continuous supply of energy in the event that you encounter any faults during the meetings.

396 projectors in Maracanã

He scenario of the end of the cup of the world 2014, the next 13 of July, will be the stadium Jornalista Mario Filho, known popularly as Maracanã, in river of Janeiro, where is held different meetings as well as the ceremonies of opening and closing in them Games Olympic of 2016. For this occasion, the lighting project has the installation of 396 projectors EF 2000 GE Lighting, replacing the 120 old projectors. Each unit uses a power of 2,000 watts to enrich the visibility of the show inside and out of the field of play.

One of the challenges of this project has been provide a lighting uniform and consistent that deleted them shadows and offer visibility perfect in any point of the field, element crucial to the performance of them players and them transmissions of television in high definition. He system of lighting of GE Lighting allows control the glow and reduce the brightness to the sky, to concentrate the light in the field.

En este sentido, cada reflector EF 2000 está equipado con fuentes de luz de multivapor (halogenuros) metálico, con una potencia de 2.000 watts, ya que son sistemas específicamente desarrollados para iluminar grandes espacios exteriores. Como señala Ferrari, “estamos muy orgullosos de la oportunidad de contribuir con nuestra tecnología en la iluminación de este monumento al fútbol mundial. Hemos estado presentes en muchos momentos de la historia de este estadio, incluso en su inauguración en 1950, y somos parte de esta nueva fase que representa un hito en el desarrollo y modernización de la infraestructura del país”.

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By • 6 May, 2014
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