The Chinese artist avant-gardist Wang Gongxin exhibits his work 'Video Artist' at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne using fourteen projector Sony VPL-FH31B.

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Melbourne (Australia) choose projectors Sony professionals expose the three last works of Chinese artist Wang Gongxin trendy. The works of video immersion exhibited in this gallery are: Dinner table (2006); Relating-it's about already (2010) and Basic colour (2010). An exhibition that you can visit is free of charge until the month of September.

For it put in scene of this presentation of Wang Gongxin, that is performed under the name "Video Artist", is have used a total of fourteen projectors Sony VPL-FH31B.

Relating - it's already about Wang Gongxin work has been defined by the NGV as "an exuberant experience that develops at a fast pace and without resting the life of Beijing with an intense display of sound, colour and movement". And for its realization will have pointed out nine projectors.

For his part, Basic colour is a five-channel video installation showing close-ups of a naked body in which the human form is hidden and abstracted by different pigmentations. The third work, Dinner table, recently acquired by the NGV shows a Chinese banquet full of carefully presented dishes. It is projected on a white table whose inclination seems to challenge gravity slipping slowly and almost impossible to shape up.

For Wang Gongxin the technology of them projectors from Sony has been an element key for this event since "these teams show all them details in colors live, allowing that is reflected in my work my ideas." I give the possibility of show my art in all its potential. Sony VPL-FH31B projectors allow me to maximize the possibilities for my work and perform a more sensitive depiction of life".

El proyector VPL-FH31B proporciona imágenes de ultra alta calidad con resolución WUXGA (1920×1200) y compatibilidad Full HD, además de proporciona un brillo de 4.300 lúmenes. Asimismo, incorpora una función de desplazamiento de la lente H/V, el modo de simulación Dicom GSDF y fusión de bordes que aseguran imágenes de gran tamaño sin fisuras con múltiples proyectores.

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By • 6 May, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Production, Projection

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