In its strategy to bring their portfolio the latest professional audio solutions, neotechnic adds to its proposal the Waves SoundGrid servers that expand dramatically the processing capacity of the most popular DAWs like Pro Tools, Cubase or Logic, and as Yamaha mixing systems, DiGiCo and Allen & Heath, among others.

Waves, A world leader in processing DSP based audio, not only offers some of the best compressors, EQs, reverbs, limiters and modeling tools plugin format, but SoundGrid servers able to run simultaneously several tens or even hundreds of instances of these plugins, now available in the Spanish market through Neotecnica.

The strength of servers SoundGrid Waves is offering unprecedented processing capability and a significant shock to the DAW CPU or DSP chips computer systems mixing live, studio or broadcast. In addition, they integrated into Ethernet network under SoundGrid protocol, whereby various mixing systems or audio production can connect to them simultaneously.

Connection flexibility

The SoundGrid servers are connected directly to Ethernet host computer running the DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, etc.) application port. If it is a mixing system, the SoundGrid processors are connected by an Ethernet cable to the card / SoundGrid interface available for several models Yamaha, Allen & Heath and DiGiCo.

Another advantage is that if you want to use the SounGrid devices with servers that do not have a compatible Ethernet port, the optimal choice in interfaces DiGiGrid (Brand which also distributes in Spain neotechnic), which allow SoundGrid protocol channels convert from analog sources or up to 256 channels from MADI.

Las licencias de plugins para servidores SoundGrid (denominadas SoundGrid licenses) suponen el máximo nivel en concepto de autorización de uso de software Waves. Esto significa que el propietario de una licencia de software SoundGrid puede emplear también el mismo plugin en otras plataformas (tras haber cargado el instalador correspondiente). Por ejemplo, las versiones TDM y Venue (ambas de tipo DSP) o las versiones nativas en plataformas como SoundGrid Native y la mayoría de hosts (AAX nativo, VST, VST3, Audiosuite, Audio Units y RTAS).

An important option, especially for engineers live mix (FOH and monitors) is the MultiRack SoundGrid host software, which lets you run multiple instances simultaneously Waves plugins, as well as facilitating the creation of processing chains for each channel.

Synergies between SoundGrid and DiGiGrid

The addition of the family of processors to SoundGrid neotechnic portfolio represents a perfect synergy with DiGiGrid products whose exclusive distribution was announced by neotechnic recently, whose possibilities are also available on the information Digital AV Magazine.

Todos los productos SoundGrid y DiGiGrid constituyen avanzadas soluciones en sí mismos. Sin embargo, pueden combinarse para dar respuesta a necesidades específicas, como ofrecer capacidades de procesamiento y transporte de audio en red a dispositivos que originalmente no son compatibles con ningún protocolo basado en Ethernet, entre otras posibilidades.

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By • 8 May, 2014
• Section: Audio, Business

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