Evergrande Cinema Line will build 77 new complexes of cinema in China and has chosen Barco projection systems to make their equipment. Large rooms will be equipped with DP2K-32B DLP systems, while those that have smaller screens DP2K-20 models are to be installed. In total, more than 500 will be projectors used in this project.

Evergrande Real Estate Group, one of the ten largest developers of real estate of China, is expanding its business to the film industry. In a first phase, Evergrande Cinema Line will build 77 cinema complexes in the suburbs around the country, five of which are already in operation. To equip the rooms with the latest technology in digital cinema projection, Evergrande has partnered Boatwhich will provide more than 500 of its projectors digital 2 K, including the DP2K-32B and DP2K-20 c units.

Evergrande Cinema Line Management, is a subsidiary one hundred per cent of Evergrande Real Estate Group specialized in investment, operation and management for the film industry. The company is building cinema complexes, fully digitized in 22 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. This year it plans to build other 30 rooms most with 210 screens and, by the end of 2016, they will conclude the openings of more than 150 cinemas with 1,100 screens.

Each of the 77 planned complexes contains a room with big screen, two with median and four with small. Thanks to its wide range of digital cinema projectors, Barco offers solutions projection that adapt to each type of screen. For large screens, Evergrande has opting for DP2K - 32B DLP cinema projectors while DP2K-20 projectors, will be installed in rooms with small screens compact and smaller budget.

In line with its successes in the property market real estate, Evergrande has even more activities for their new line of cinema. To ensure the functioning of its digital cinema network, the company will use the services of the Network Operations Center (NOC) boat which will allow Evergrande manage and control all computers remotely.

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By • 9 May, 2014
• Section: Display, Projection

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