The solution exposed in IMagine event 2014 put of relief as the systems of display is have tax in the airports. In the terminals, the screens of large format are key for inform and launch campaigns promotional; in the control room, the walls have become indispensable.

The airports are public spaces where there are a large number of people and the ideal environment to apply digital signage technology. In IMagine 2014 event, meeting organized by Ingram Micro that is has held the 7 and 8 of mayo in Madrid, is has since of relief the great potential of these solutions in this sector and with this objective is recreated the scenario of a terminal of passengers. In addition, also could be seen as the walls have become a key tool of control, an area that was starring the Hiperwall software rooms of NEC Display Solutions.

In the control rooms, Visual systems are key elements and as says Carlos Rojo, sales manager AV Channel of NEC Display Solutions, "the walls are its core, since they are centers where you have to control a large number of signals and these stands allow you to view, bird's-eye view, everything that is happening." In these environments, these systems van very United to all that entails the process of data and it relative to the systems of security. I think that the market of the videowall offers a great potential. Those customers not repaired them old equipment but them replaced by technologies more economic. LCD display technology and projection system LED are the main trends".

The team that is exposed in IMagine event was formed by four screens MultiSync X463UN of 46 inch supported with stands of Vogel's. A model with S-PVA TFT and LED backlighting in direct white that offers a resolution of 1920 × 1080 with a 3500:1, a brightness of 700 cd/m2 contrast ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio. And to facilitate their control is used a system multi-touch NEC E232WMT, a monitor's desktop of 23 inches designed with technology of panel IPS and that offers ten points of control. Also integrates a camera Full HD and speakers. To facilitate their display presents height of adjustment Rotary and of inclination.

After this videowall, was software NEC Hiperwall, a solution that allows you to manage the contents of this type of support, managing the sources where they come from data and images that are displayed on the video wall. In this way, improving visual access to the information that is being monitored.

Passenger terminal

To recreate the scenario that simulated the hall of an airport, Imagine event had with different displays of Toshiba large format (Stretch P32LC12, TD-Z421, 47L7453, TD-Z551), used to provide information on flight status and to launch advertising campaigns or other informational content. Contents that were managed and displayed thanks to solutions Beablo.

In order to help employees of the terminals in identifying baggage and passages solutions offered they were installed Intermec and Datalogic.

Intermec could be fixed RFID reader IF 2 tags designed for network environments and luggage label printer PM23. Meanwhile, Datalogic exposing the terminal data capture with barcode reader Lynx.

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By • 9 May, 2014
• Section: Control, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Events, Security

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