The table interactive of the company Catalan DigaliX was the main protagonist of the space dedicated to the art in the Symposium of IngramMicro, IMagine event, held the last 7 and 8 of mayo in Madrid. A area where is showed the solutions of signage digital for the environment of the museums.

Ingram Micro He was raised as an objective of your event IMagine event, celebrated in Madrid the past 7 and 8 may, offer their customers global solutions that integrate products from different manufacturers that represent, framing them in different vertical sectors.

Each time more the museums require innovative tools that allow that art and technology go of the hand. Digital signage solutions enable a relationship closer and more interactive between the museums and the visitors and that the works can be observed more closely, with greater detail.

And this is what Ingram Micro wanted to highlight in that area created in IMagin Event dedicated to museums where the interactive table XTable developed by the Catalan company was exposed DigaliX. A screen in horizontal disposition of 55 inch that incorporates typology of multi-touch screen and allowing up to four people could interact both with the images. Offers more than 50 points simultaneous and allows the execution of applications made in 3D multi-touch, in mode multiuser (browsers, pdf, office, etc).

This screen of DigaliX is designed with a finish of painted sheet metal and detachable legs. A model that the Catalan company customize for each client and for this occasion opted for a version in Orange.

The interactive table XTable is ideal for exhibitions, collaborative environments and events; and that it already has more than 40 locations, some of them in museums such as the fine arts of Bilbao, MIba, CaixaForum or the most recent implementation in Mexico DF. It has also installed in the building which Telefonica has in the Gran Vía of Madrid and is used to demonstrate how an object is when will increase either a hair or a ping-pong ball.

Attendees were able to see in detail in this interactive table works of art showing on the screen Sharp PN-U473. A LED Edge LIT 47 inch model that provided a resolution of 1920x1080p at a brightness of 100 cd/m2 and that incorporates connections for HDMI, DisplayPort and and DVI-D.

This Sharp professional display for digital signage offers a high quality image to show all kinds of content in public spaces, both indoors and semi-outdoor, shopping malls, train stations and airport terminals, generally having much ambient light.

A model that form part of the line range PN- U of Sharp and includes input of video analog, as well as input and output of audio, so is compatible with systems more ancient. Optionally, it is possible to connect in series up to five monitors via DVI-D, in order to show the same images simultaneously to achieve a greater impact on the communication facilities that need it.

To complete this solution of digital signage for museums, a video wall was installed in Samsung 2 × 2 Rhombus-shaped. Four UD22b 21.6 inch screens presenting a 960 × 960 resolution and an aspect ratio of 1:1 were used for its design. These displays include connectivity DVI-D, DisplayPort and HDMI.

Audiovisual sport

For gyms there was also special in Imagine Event since it is a sector that begins to presents true business potential in the audiovisual market.

The solution that Ingram Micro set up consisted of a display of LG of 84 inch (84WS70MS) that featured content, that were supplied and managed with solutions of Laforja, en ultra HD (3840 x 2160) con un brillo de 500 cd/m2. Una pantalla que incorpora un reproductor multimedia y dispone de sensor de brillo automático.

Como en el resto de las pantallas que se instalaron en el salón, para la implantación de este modelo se utilizaron los soportes de Vogel's.

Esta solución vertical se completaba con un proyector LV-8235 UST de Canon, un equipo DLP con resolución WXGA de proyección ultracorta de 2.500 lúmenes que incorpora altavoz y capacidad 3D.

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By • 12 May, 2014
• Section: Accessories, Audio, Digital signage, Display, Events, Projection

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