As part of its internationalization strategy, Icon Multimedia has translated into a new language its digital signage solution, Deneva.cuatro. After obtaining the Halal certification, it is now available in Arabic version.

Icon Multimedia He has translated and adapted its Deneva.cuatro Integral Communication System, already available in languages ​​such as English, Portuguese and Brazilian, Arabic in order to expand its field of expansion into new markets.

Deneva allows the publication of multimedia content on screens, PA systems or mobile devices from a central point to thousands of points distributed worldwide. It is a tool that is used for digital signage applications to provide information to travelers transport environments such as airports or AVE.

View to expanding its scope internationally, the company palentina Icon Multimedia Deneva.cuatro translated into Arabic. Arabic is the eighth most spoken language in the world, with more than 280 million speakers, and is the only official language in twenty countries and cooficial at least six others.

La traducción ha sido realizada en colaboración con partners locales en Arabia Saudí y, además de incorporar su alfabeto, presenta escritura de derecha a izquierda de sus grafemas. También ha incorporado pleno soporte para el calendario Hijri o musulmán, qué considera su año 1 el año 622 de la era cristiana, que fue el año de la Hégira que indica el traslado de Mahoma y la emigración de los musulmanes de La Meca a Medina. Actualmente estamos en el año 1435AH del calendario Musulmán.

Icon Multimedia obtained in late 2013 approval in digital content creation Halal, which are those that are compatible with Sharia or Islamic law, being the first company in Europe to obtain it.

"The Arab world is a market with enormous potential that we had always seemed very interesting, and that is why we have been taking firm steps to offer our solutions in this market. These steps have been chronologically the Halal certification, finding a local partner consolidated and finally translating into Arabic our solution, "says Juan Carlos Martín, commercial director of the firm palentina.

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By • 12 May, 2014
• Section: Audio, Digital signage, Business

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