Promote your brand image and get the exclusive New York audience of Times Square are the goals that has marked H & M with its new store. And, to do so, it has given it an avant-garde and futuristic design with lighting, Elation Lighting Systems, very in keeping with the rest-based.

Designer lighting and head of the firm Levy Lighting Headquartered in New York, Ira Levy, is renowned for its avant-garde and experimental designs, at the time featuring a long portfolio of customers that has been gathering these twenty years of profession. Elation Lighting It has also found a place among their designs and proof of this can be seen in the latest project carried out at the flagship store of H & M in Times Square (New York).

"Wanted something different for this store, that break with the classical concept of lighting of them shops retailers." We needed a point of light-based LED accessory and I chose the Platinum Spot LED II,"says Levy.

For this project the designer created a network of lights in motion, with predominance of the white, taking as base the units Platinum Spot LED II that is painted in this tone by custom.

"They are sending beams moving around the store all day long making enthusiastic atmosphere that invites to buy believed. The idea is that the store look like it's always party. Moving lights make you feel as if entering a nightclub. "

H & M is a clothing store with an innovative image that sets the trend and this is what has been tried to reflect on the new flagship store in Times Square with metal decoration, futuristic design and lighting systems offer LED Elation Platinum Spot .

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By • 14 May, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Lighting

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