The new Hiperdino Santa Cruz de la Palma center has joined the network of digital signage that Dinosol Group is deploying on the island of the Canary Dj3 hand. This commercial area have been installed NEC 12 screen and three touch panels.

Last April, the Dinosol Supermercados group has made the reopening of the center Hiperdino Bridge in Santa Cruz de La Palma, retail space has been completely renovated offering a completely modern and functional concept. This surface has joined the corporate circuit television chain with installing multiple information screens, being the first center of the group on the island to incorporate iMarket.TV system.

Hiperdino has returned to trust Dj3 Canary development and implementation of corporate TV circuit and dynamic advertising in one of its centers logo on the palm island. The circuit incorporates integrated queue management system, which reports through distributed by the center, on the order of shifts attention to the sections of charcuterie, butcher and fishmonger screens, making the shopping experience more productive customer and satisfactory.

The integration have installed a total of 12 screens professional range NEC large format, and 3 touch systems for managing and monitoring shifts in each section. The channel also has virtual voice technology for generating messages associated with the campaigns and ad hoc announcements and channel music seamlessly integrated environment.

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By • 19 May, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Networks

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