Cofarte, thanks to an agreement signed with Canary Software General, financially help pharmacies in Tenerife to implement the systems of intelligent management of waiting for customers of Qmatic, as only Virtua, a solution that aims to improve the experience of customers and can be easily integrated with digital signage.

General de Software de Canarias It has signed a commercial agreement with the pharmaceutical cooperative of Tenerife, Cofarteto facilitate the incorporation of systems Qmatic in the pharmacies of the island. In this way, Qmatic strengthens its presence in the Canary Islands and, more specifically, in the pharmaceutical sector.

"This agreement represents a revolution in the pharmaceutical sector. "The implementation of a system Qmatic allows optimize the performance level of business in them pharmacies, through the attention custom of customers based on them services more profitable, management of languages in pharmacies that operate in areas tourist, management more efficient of the time of expected of them customers of the Pharmacy and improves general of the experience that all them people have in these establishments" , explains Javier Medina, Business Development Manager of Qmatic Spain.

Cofarte finance to pharmacies on the island of Tenerife who acquire systems of intelligent management of waiting for customers and improvement of experience in pharmacies, owned by the Swedish multinational Qmatic. Only Qmatic solution that is implemented in 95% of cases, allows you to manage waiting for customers as well as to quickly segment your requests, improving treatment and care.

Qmatic only Virtua is a management system waits allowing customers to select a particular service through the collection of a ticket in a dispenser installed in wall, column or pedestal floor self-service. With this system the customers wait their turn while moving freely by the pharmacy which increases the possibility of purchase.

This solution of Qmatic allows that the pharmacy determines that customers have priority of care to be called before. This solution provides valuable information on the times of waiting, and number of clients served by each service and attention these establishments. Is is of a system autonomous that not requires of servers to install the software, since the own self-service exercises of brain of operations and is easily integrable with the signage digital.

Cofarte has positioned itself as a strong and sustainable organization in the sector of distribution of medicines and other items related to the exercise of the pharmaceutical profession. Its mission is to serve as a strategic nexus, contributing to the development and value creation in pharmacies, public administrations and the industry, to improve the healthcare system for the benefit of the patient and society.

General de Software de Canarias, partner certificado de Qmatic, es un referente en el sector privado y público local. Su ámbito de actuación es la Comunidad Canaria, teniendo sedes en Santa Cruz de Tenerife y Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. La compañía ofrece un amplio abanico de servicios para los sectores de Administración Pública, banca, industria y comercio.

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By • 22 May, 2014
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