With a pragmatic and realistic title: "I already have a screen DooH, and now what do I do", the workshop of the company shows Callao, which has developed the interactive project Callao City Lights, has made it clear that a business model and exploitation of digital media well planned and based on adding value for customers is profitable.

The director general of Callao City Lights, Gerardo Baranowski, explained in the given workshop in BIT Broadcast 2014 How to undertake a project of interactive digital communication on a central thoroughfare in Madrid, through proper planning of needs, model of development and operation of the system of screens, can be a profitable business.

The way to achieve this has not been easy, since they have had to spend "more than ten years and three sessions of Government. to explain our project and achieve the license - says Baranowski At that time also we have traveled a lot to get ideas, ask and copy the good projects that were carried out in other countries".

In this sense, Callao City Lights is based on the model of New York, albeit at one level lower in terms of deployment of Visual Media: a square in the Centre of the city, with intense people traffic, which produce multiple activities that are shown on the screens and capture the attention of the people, who participate through social networks and devices creating a very positive experience.

With that concept, in the year 2003 begins to capture the first sketch of Callao City Lights, as well as his approach to business, "in terms of experience we wanted to show people, that value could offer advertisers and how feedback systems and interactivity with a business model that was profitable", says this directing.

Kilometer 0 of culture

The coordinates for his release were underway clear, since they had started from a central square in the Centre of Madrid of more than 3,000 square meters, in the thoroughfare of greater influx of tourists and citizens, with a wide range of cultural and entertainment.

"We started work the concept 'Km. 0 culture', because although we are a film, in this area are many things daily, and there is a wide range of shows - says-. Our challenge was going through offer quality content, generate value to the advertiser with a greater commercial impact, our limitation is precisely that we cover only a square, not a global network of screens, so we can't compete in quantity and media coverage, but in quality".

The result of this approach is that customers adapt their content to the ability of the displays and activities in the area of Callao City Lights, "and that is precisely what gives value - ensures Baranowski-. In addition, we continuously performed special actions, such as premieres and international stars of film and entertainment visit; "we develop and participate in the activities taking place at the plaza, as retransmission of musical events on our screens, summer in HD quality cinema, video games..., all that people pass it well and interact in networks displayed on screens, where we offer systems of geolocation, QR codes, etc. that provide advertisers for promotions in real time". This process is supported by an organization, consisting of fifteen people, which follows a model of similar structure to the a television, since in Callao City Lights is broadcast, continuity, content, commercial activity...

Versatile technology and CMS

In this sense, Daniel González, TV & Media account manager of Ericssoncompany responsible for implementing these systems, told workers that "all this business model is based on a versatile technology. DooH success is to have a suitable information point, with a design of screen size, well defined, a wide viewing angle, and a luminosity which is minimized to the maximum light changes and the incidence of the Sun; as well as valuable content".

This interactive and commercial support offering Callao City Lights, based on five large screens LED Full HD from American manufacturer Daktronics in the facades of historic theaters and the marquees of the press Palace, it relies on a powerful management system of digital contents (CMS), which "allows you to transfer all those contents, around thirty different content daily on each of the screens, with efficient workflows, cataloging, security and legal copy, etc based on metadata." , specifies Gonzalez.

For both managers, Callao City Lights project is a success and has become a benchmark for digital outdoor advertising, offering to users and advertisers interactive capabilities, augmented reality and issuance of 3D images to connect with more than 113 million people who pass each year through the pedestrian plaza.

Screens DVX LED Daktronics, of 101 m2 picht 10 (1.009.800 pixels); Another 130 m2 of picht 10 (1.396.000 pixels), both capable of broadcasting of images in 3D; along with the bus shelters located in the Palacio de la Prensa, 36 m 2 of 10 picht (356,400 pixels) in the front and two sides of 8.80 m2, overlooking the Gran Via, they offer total more than 10.900.000 impacts daily.

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By • 23 May, 2014
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