Three screens LG LN549E connected to a media player BrightSign HD220 have been installed in each of the establishments of the Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain.

The popular restaurant chain Cheesecake Factory, famous for their cheesecakes, has decided to renew the image of its more than 175 stores has spread both by the United States and abroad. And, for this purpose, you are installing screens of digital signage that will serve as a complement to traditional menus. Each store has given three LN549E 42-inch screens of LG Electronics you are connected to a digital signage player BrightSign HD220.

"When we started to ask for budgets for this installation, surprised the variety of offers, and especially of costs. In the end we decided on BrightSign because it was which was better adapted to our budget and solid state players are much more reliable than solutions based on PC which was the first choice that we consider", explains Todd Bermann, President of the Integrator company in charge of the project, Technical Services Tab.

This Integrator faced certain challenges as the implementation of a network of digital signage that was centralized and show how a menu as extensive as the Cheesecake Factory. In addition, the owners of the chain were also looking for a way to centralize and streamline the training of employees through this network.

They found the solution in a DSL connection dedicated to digital signage installation; a trio of screens at every restaurant offering more than 60 menu items that are renewing in a loop. Updating these content is carried out from Headquarters, although responsible for each restaurants menus can be tailored each individual offer.

In regards to the formation, these same screens are used for this type of video playback. These are programmed and managed from the headquarters by the directors of human resources.

“La industria de la restauración es uno de los segmentos de más rápido crecimiento dentro del mercado de la señalización digital, y nuestro trabajo con The Cheesecake Factory demuestra los efectos visuales que se pueden conseguir ofreciendo los menús a través de grandes pantallas. La imaginería dentro del restaurante ayuda a los clientes a explorar la oferta del local y despierta el apetito para una experiencia culinaria satisfactoria”, explica Jeff Hastings CEO de BrightSign

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By • 26 May, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Networks

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