The new solution from Extreme Networks, based on technology AVB, optimizes Ethernet network environments to facilitate the traffic of audio and video, without requiring dedicated systems. An ideal tool for environments of intensive use of multimedia content such as events, Conference / exhibition rooms.

Extreme Networks It has introduced a solution of network oriented to environments in which is made extensive use of multimedia contents like enclosures of events, Conference / exhibition rooms. Developed with AVB (Audio Video Bridging) technology, allows to use the corporate network to carry the traffic of audio and video without needing expensive dedicated systems and ensuring, at all times, the performance and the quality of the service that require this type of environments.

AVB Extreme Networks solution consists of several components which include a wide range of switches (Summit X 440, Summit X 460, and Summit X 670) with support AVB, sizing the network according to the user's specific needs, as well as the ExtremeXOS operating system integrated into its range of products, which provides high availability, management, and operational efficiency. Soon, AVB support will be extended to other computers on Extreme Networks BlackDiamond X switches as portfolio 8. It also includes a management application that simplifies configuration of AVB, policy deployment, troubleshooting and network monitoring to optimize traffic AV.

This Extreme Networks solution provides the scalability, density, redundancy, robustness and performance that are requirements of any environment-oriented AV Network System Professional, requiring high speed, low delay, high reliability, and centralized management.

Thanks to this solution, professional AV installations, before they demanded an enormous amount of time and resources to connect elements of network owners or non-interoperable, can have a simplified infrastructure that reduces the cost of implementation, provides a unified management and ability to withstand applications of audio and video of new generation.

Extreme Networks adds the support of AVB on the same platforms of switching offering for critical environments, such as data centers, distributed computation of high performance or backbone networks of mobile operators.

AVB technology

AVB is a technology that allows to configure and optimize the corporate network so it can support multimedia traffic for professional use, minimizing interference from network traffic AV. general traffic This simplifies and reduces the cost of systems that have been traditionally characterized by its complexity, high cost and lack of interoperability.

The benefits of this technology include the simplicity and ease of management. All traffic, both of data such as AV, is supported by a single network infrastructure and managed from a single management platform. In addition to simpler management, it brings benefits due to standardization and convergence of technologies.

The dedicated AV systems are not easily scalable. They are technologies intended for large facilities (stadiums, amusement parks, production studios). They use proprietary protocols and require different adapters to communicate with other systems. AVB provides scalability, allowing you to make deployments of any size and scale them easily, like an Ethernet network is scaled. On the other hand, this technology simplifies wiring by making it possible to transport all AV traffic over the same network Ethernet, which simplifies the system wiring.

In addition, AVB technology improves synchronization of the network that is capable of supporting multiple streams of traffic highly sensitive to delays; introduces the SRP (Simple Reservation Protocol) Protocol, which enables an application or equipment notify different elements of the network within a certain route resources that have to be set aside to support a particular traffic flow, and by how much time must be reserved; and implements a series of queueing of shipping and forwarding rules to guarantee the flow of traffic through the network within the established margins of delay, eliminating the network buffering delays (delays may be acceptable in data transmission, but not audio/video streams).

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By • 27 May, 2014
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Display, Distribution signals, Infrastructure, Networks

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