The designer Felipe Ramos has selected the Pointe de Robe spotlights, mark represented in Spain by EES and supplied by ASL Light Solutions, to create spectacular designs of light and a futuristic atmosphere in the musical 'A Mars Cabaret', successfully represented in the Gran Via.

Robe and EES to Mars cabaret

Created and directed by Yllana, the musical 'A Mars Cabaret' combines circus, music, humor, eroticism and science fiction in a futuristic and Intergalactic, atmosphere in which the scenic and spectacular lighting is a key element.

The designer Felipe Ramos, at the head of the lighting project of this musical that has achieved a great success in Madrid's Gran Vía, needed a focus to provide a background of powerful lighting to create different designs of beams of light and provide versatility, without losing illuminance and spectacular nature, essential in this show cabaret based in the science fiction-themed.

Robe and EES to Mars cabaret

The solution chosen have been the focus Pointe of Robe, mark represented in the market Spanish by Entertainment Equipment Supplies ()EES), they have been provided by ASL Light Solutions. As Ramos explained, "Pointe foci have been great for this purpose. "Offer a great versatility: from a get of type laser or a ' spray of bundles ', to effects own of a spot 1200 e illuminations type wash to cover all the space evenly".

This lighting designer has taken advantage of the wide range of possibilities that they offer these bulbs, "we squeezed each of its characteristics, using minimum gobo 'beam reducer' until the frost to make a wash", says Ramos.

Given the theme of the show, the lighting had to answer two very different needs: light cabaret, colorful, festive and with much color on one side, and technological aspect and science fiction on the other; a challenge that Felipe Ramos has successfully solved in this show.

Robe and EES to Mars cabaret

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By • 3 Jun, 2014
• Section: Events, Lighting

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