As response to the evolution in the production of video in live, XL Video has updated its range of servers multimedia Catalyst, designed around the new range Mac Pro with them new Apple 3.5GHx 6 e Intel Xeon E5.

XL Video Media Server 2014The range updated of servers of means of XL Video power your capacity management and control for new video productions, which include at their core the new Apple 3.5GHx 6 and Intel Xeon E5 for Mac Pro.

Them first frames made to measure and with covers custom of them media server Catalyst of XL Video running the version 4.4 of the software and have with a disk of 1 TB SSD. These systems offer two outputs with resolution 2.560 × 1.600 p as standard and can play eighteen layers of Pro Res LT 1.920 × 1.080, or thirty layers of AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) in the same resolution.

New servers, with LED side lighting, also include a system UPS uninterruptible power supply, an Adder KMV controller, and a cooling system, with four HD/SDI inputs.

La compañía prevé extender estas mejoras a sus unidades AI, D3 y al software Pandora Box y que esté operativa en unos seis meses.

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By • 6 Jun, 2014
• Section: Display, Distribution signals

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