It engineering Spanish of visual half LED Dream has designed and installed it screen LED of high brightness and 150 m2 for the facade main of the Center commercial great Jonquera, located in Gerona, considered until now it more large of this type of Spain.

The project DooH to the main facade of the Mall Grand Jonquera, based on an LED display of large dimensions (30 × 5 meters), was executed in a record time of 10 weeks by the visual media specialist LED Dream, that also has designed, manufactured and installed this system visual.

The screen LED, considered up to now as the more big of this type in Spain, has with a pixel pitch of 15 mm. and high brightness LEDs, which can reach up to 13,000 nits. Composed by 550 cabinets of high technology and performance, this screen with protection IP 66 offers a scale of 16 bits and 280 trillions of colors, with a frequency of soft drink more of 5,000 Hz.

Ubicada en la fachada principal del centro comercial Gran Jonquera, la pantalla da la bienvenida a los visitantes con contenidos e imágenes del centro y sus tiendas, que también se visualizan desde la N-II y la AP-7 de entrada-salida de España y Francia, lo que aumenta su cobertura a más de veinticuatro millones de personas al año. En este sentido, Grup Camós, distribuidor de LED Dream en la provincia de Gerona, ha participado en la comercialización de esta gran pantalla exterior.

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By • 11 Jun, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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