The infrastructure of the circuit digital, that just of be inaugurated in Metro of Bilbao, has with ten screens Full HD of 72 inches that have been installed in them platforms of the main stations of the city.

JCDecaux It has expanded its digital network of Spanish signage in the transport network with the installation in the Metro Bilbao of a digital circuit of ten screens that have been located in the main stations of the city: Casco Viejo, Abando, Moyúa, Indautxu and San Mamés.

Each station has with two screens of 70 inch Full HD located in those platforms, that is the area of greater transit of travellers. For to respect the original design of the suburban Bilbao, he worked in a kind of support developed for the environment (Öppis).

The digital circuit of Metro Bilbao, which has just be opened and which already anticipate in Digital AV MagazineIt has more than 90 million passengers a year and is focused on brand advertising although it will also offer daily information service and content useful for passengers.

This Park of screens is une to them already installed by JCDecaux in the Metro of Barcelona and in the Metro of Madrid and allow to the firm achieve an audience weekly of 2.7 million of people. An offer that allows you to offer more digital coverage all advertisers who are showcased in this new medium so innovative.

“La inauguración de este circuito es muy especial para nosotros. El de Bilbao es uno de los metros más modernos y vanguardistas del mundo y creemos que la presencia de nuestras pantallas digitales puede colaborar a realzar esas cualidades que lo hacen único. Este circuito abre un abanico de posibilidades de comunicación tanto a nivel creativo como de combinación de soportes para nuestros anunciantes”, explica Jean-Louis Paccalin, codirector general de JCDecaux España.

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By • 12 Jun, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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