Four are the new DCI models Crown has added to its line of amplifiers DriveCoreInstall, two analog (DCi4 | 1250 and DCi2 | 1250) and two that add Ethernet connectivity (DCi4 | 1250N and DCi2 | 1250N) with version two four channels. Some teams that respond to applications of any size.

Crown DriveCoreInstall DCi 1250

The series of DriveCoreInstall Crownwhose products in Spain EarPro, se presentó hace algo más de un año como el nuevo estándar de amplificación de instalación. Doce modelos de entre 300 y 600 Watios por canal componían inicialmente esta serie, introducida como sucesora de la línea CTS. Ahora el fabricante, la ampliado con cuatro modelos DCI de alta potencia, dos analógicos y otros dos conectables en red.

The first two are the DCi4 | 1250 and DCi2 | 1250 adding Ethernet connectivity are DCi4 | 1250N 4 channel and DCi2 | 1250N 2 channel. The four channels are DCi4 while DCi2 are two. Integration into the network of 1250N models is made by RJ-45 cable and transport of digital audio link BLU. This equipment allows network monitoring and control via software Harman HiQne Audio Architect System.

“Al ser la serie DCi la sucesora de la CTS, que fue el estándar de instalación durante años, era esencial incluir en ella modelos de alta potencia para aplicaciones de larga envergadura. Estos cuatro modelos aportan un rendimiento, flexibilidad, calidad y fiabilidad mejorados para requisitos de amplificación a gran escala. Además, al contar con modelos conectables en red, los sistemas de audio se simplifican mediante conexiones más simples con RJ-45 para BLU link. Por otro lado, los racks pueden concentrar más canales de amplificación en menos espacio ya que incluso los modelos de 4 canales ocupan espacios de 2 unidades”, comenta Daniel Sáenz, Business Segment Manager de Crown Audio.

In the series DCi has been introduced DriveCore chip, the size of a postage stamp, concentrated more than 500 components of a conventional amplifier design. This has reduced the need for space and amplifier circuitry allows integrating more channels and functionality in a housing two rack units.

ICDs amplifiers offer the possibility of working at low impedance and 100V lines 70 and, without requiring a transformer. With this higher quality audio sound distributed applications is achieved.

Electricity consumption has been decreased in DCi models, as they have improved the performance and energy efficiency to meet international environmental initiative GreenEdge. According to its manufacturer, the series DCi is the lowest environmental impact has launched so far.

The power supply with power factor corrected (PFC) of DCi models is designed p
ara deliver maximum power in any country. Moreover, its universal voltage input accepts voltages from 100 to 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz (+/- 10%).

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By • 13 Jun, 2014
• Section: Audio, Distribution signals, Networks

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