Host Broadcast Service (HBS) is used to pick up the sound in the twelve stadiums that held currently Football World Cup Brazil 2014 the new microphone system surrounding sphere of the firm Sennheiser, which produces a 5.1 surround sound from a compact stereo microphone.


A total of 36 microphones Sennheiser Sphere (PMS 8000) recorded the sound in the twelve stages of the World Cup of Brazil. Meanwhile, at the International Broadcast Centre, two units of processing sphere (SPB 8000) are used to produce sound 5.1 stereo signals.

As designates a person responsible for HBS, "for us, the images and high quality sound go hand in hand. With sphere we can easily create 5.1 sound, even in post-production. Due to its compact construction and small amount of wiring required, sphere microphones are used in a variety of areas in the stadiums, including the players tunnel and outside the stadium, to capture the ambiance of the 1 camera with stereo sound 5. 1″.

Sennheiser-sphereThe sound in the goal area is captured using around three hundred type shotgun microphones, including long range microphones, as the model 8070 MKH, to achieve a record very precise sources of sound remote; MKH 8060 short shotgun mic, as well as stereo microphones type shotgun MKH 418 - S. Likewise, microphones for MD 46 coverage are also in action on the edge of the field.

A total of twenty-four transmitters plug-on of the 2000 series is used for the wireless microphone type boom and mounted the spidercam MKH 8060 models.

Cada equipo de cámara dispone además de un juego para cobertura inalámbrica (compuesto por un receptor de cámara EK 2000, un transmisor de bolsillo SK 2000 y un micrófono de solapa MKE 1), así como un micrófono cableado para reporteros MD 46. La señal de audio se monitoriza a través de audífonos HD 25 de Sennheiser.

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By • 13 Jun, 2014
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Distribution signals, Events

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