Screens digital of great format, televisions of last generation UHD, display multi-display and intense activity through devices mobile, with the development of numerous and varied apps, characterized the Cup World of football 2014 that is celebrates currently in Brazil, and that according to recent studies of market, is the event visual and social more important technologically of its history.

Brazil 2014 multiscreen

The 2014 World Cup football from Fifa which takes place in Brazil attracting media attention and social of the population of the five continents, although with a technological differential never seen so far on this important sporting event: a huge audiovisual display through circuits of digital signage throughout the world, television sets in Ultra high resolution (UHD) and visualization multiscreen through mobile devices with the interaction of users, athletes and brands, with a bandwidth that provides on-demand access make Brazil 2014 event more connected fields of history.

Different consultants of market, as YoMe, Sonar, OmnicomMediaGroup and its agency of media PHD, among others, are investigating this phenomenon in which the user has with multiple options, platforms and screens in what is called ' Anywhere anytime media', to analyze the change of habits and attitudes of consumption during the world of football Brazil 2014.

Brazil 2014Other sources of research, media, social monitoring and research of the environment consumption data include before and after the event, as well as parameters of interactivity, brand awareness, changes in perceptions of the brand due to sponsorship, use social networks and digital content creation.

In terms General, are investigations reveal a significant increase of interaction of the population with this event sports world. While the screen of television continues being the great protagonist, with a 96% of the population of EMEA displayed them parties live (them TV of last generation include already the so-called ' mode football '); 82% choose to watch the game in multi-display mode, and this last percentage, one quarter used his mobile phone or tablet to share opinions and interact with the content online from the world of football Brazil 2014.

The second screen

Brazil 2014 MediasetTechnology companies and content, as well as trademarks of all kinds have launched an operation of services and applications before and during this sports event to offer them an estimated 3,600 million of people all over the world audience, which has generated new business models.

Of them more than 715 million of people of audience television planned that will encourage to their respective selections in all the world, almost the half display this event sports in spaces to outdoor or centers covered through screens of large format, mostly with technology LED of high brightness; or in multi-screen through different devices mobile, the great new technology generated on the occasion of Brazil 2014.

The more bandwidth, the improvements in distribution technology optimized content via satellite, the highest quality of sound and video capture systems and next-generation displays, partly further that streaming video is a usual way to enjoy the World Cup matches. The second screen of has become in a tool each time more used to an audience each time more active can display statistics in time real, repeat played and, mainly, share in the networks social.

Los datos facilitados por la consultora YuMe señalan que durante el mundial el vídeo streaming está alcanzando porcentajes del 33% en ordenadores; 22% en tablets; 13% en Smart TV y del 11% en smartphones, lo que ha redundado también en planes de activación de las marcas y de contenidos de entretenimiento, apps e información.

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By • 18 Jun, 2014
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