The new range of spectacular lighting Magic Radical (R) of the French manufacturer Ayrton, presented at InfoComm 2014, offered 4.5 degree optical beam fixed combined with LED Ostar RGBW chipsets and 360 ° coverage for delivering maximum throughput and performance creativity.

Ayrton MagicBlade-R Stonex

Developed from its renowned MagicPanel, Magic-R-new series of Ayrton It brings a new dimension in performance and efficiency of the spectacular lighting, composed of luminaires, MagicPanel-R, MagicBlade-R, R9 MagicRing and Intellipix-R, marketed in the Spanish market for professional lighting and scenic engineering specialist Stonex.

Ayrton MagicPanel-R Stonex

In this new series of luminaires, Ayrton has built-in optical of get fixed of 4.5 °, combined with chipsets LED Ostar RGBW, that offer a coverage of 360 ° degrees with tilt, mixes of color RGBW and movement soft for them designers can create forms in movement, color and intensity innovative.

MagicBlade R is an automated LED lamp (15W RGBW) with 4.5 issuing degrees of beams individually controllable in a linear configuration, to create mixtures of soft colors in very controlled bars of light, as well as a unique shade of high intensity light, with a flow of 11,500 lumens and a total consumption of 450 Watts.

When used in multiples, with a 5 × 5 matrix, these units combine its double rotation beams to create impressive volumetric effects in three dimensions with unlimited pan and tilt. In addition, can be controlled through a series of protocols, including Art-Net, KlingNet, RDM and DMX wireless DMX-512 LumenRadio.

Ayrton Intellipix-R StonexThe LED luminaire automated MagicRing R9 is the most radical solution to design and create new dynamic effects in light of the new range of Ayrton. With a flow total of 28,000 lumens and a central beam offers a luminous intensity of more than three million candelas, particularly suitable for situations where the quality and the quantity of light is a primary concern. Each of the 61 LED sources of 4.5 degrees can be controlled individually, although it can also operate in the mode of twenty channels with pre-programmed effects.

Por su parte, Intellipix-R es un panel de proyección de haz modular de 4,5º en una matriz de 5×5 que puede controlarse independientemente y que está diseñado tanto para su uso interior como al aire libre para crear pantallas suspendidas, postes y techos. También se puede instalar en el suelo con la ayuda de un kit específico para crear un suelo luminoso en 3D, así como conectar varios Intellipix-R en una pared para formar una pantalla gigante o ubicarlos bajo un cristal para crear un suelo de proyección que puede envolver al artista en columnas dinámicas de luz.

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By • 24 Jun, 2014
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