AMX has built-in to your platform Enzo the camera of videoconferencing serene, a small device that captures the images in AV HD and offers a wide angle of display, ideal for small rooms of Conference.


AMX, a trademark belonging to Harman ProfessionalIt has unveiled its videoconferencing camera serene part of Enzo platform and offers functions for small conference rooms.

Along with the AV HD capture, Sereno includes two important features which, according to its manufacturer, rarely seen in a camera for this type of environments: a way to make sure that everyone in the room can be seen during a web conference and the option to turn off the camera and microphone to protect "sensitive" meetings. Both features are particularly suitable for lectures in small rooms, although Sereno is also a camera suitable for the Web in any meeting space.

AMX NMX-DC-1000Serene includes a wide field of view ultra makes everyone sitting in the room, large or small, is seen at the other end of the Conference. A swivel mount allows that it can aim at any area of the room. To safeguard the privacy of meetings, Sereno has mechanical shutters for the video and audio in order to protect what can be seen and heard in a meeting room.

AMX NMX-DC-1000Electronic for audio and video blinds are an unreliable option because it does not offer meeting attendees absolute security that mechanical shutters can provide to ensure that only people physically located in the room are part of the meeting.

AMX showed the new video camera Sereno in the last edition of InfoComm 2014, held in Las Vegas between 14 and 20 June.

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By • 25 Jun, 2014
• Section: AV Conferencing, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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