More possibilities to present, share and collaborate in any meeting space are some of the improvements that AMX has incorporated in the latest version of its platform and content Enzo conference.

AMX Enzo

The new version of the Enzo platform AMX, mark of Harman Professional, Provides technological improvements for professionals to have greater accessibility to present, collaborate and share content in any meeting space, as the company demonstrated during his official presentation at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas, where he announced his availability next July in the US market in September and globally.

Among the distinguishing features that adds Enzo is the mirror screen, to display the contents of portable and mobile devices through this conference platform; as well as the support web conference (available later this year) to facilitate the start of sessions Enzo simplified manner directly from a touch panel or keypad.

AMX Enzo MirrorOpDesigned as a platform-based applications that provides attendees of meetings options to decide how they want to present and share their content, Enzo recall the stored content 'cloud', the web or a local USB drive, plus participants in the meeting to share the contents of your laptop (Windows / Mac OS X), smartphone or tablet in mirror mode, thanks to wireless content sharing MirrorOp quickly and easily with one click.

Además, AMX facilita también la labor de los integradores con esta nueva versión, ya que ha añadido la posibilidad de crear sesiones de macros en Enzo a través de la herramienta de configuración online Rapid Project Maker (RPM) desarrollada por este proveedor. De esta manera, un casi ilimitado número de pasos definidos por el usuario pueden configurarse en unos minutos, ahorrando a los integradores una gran cantidad de tiempo de programación.

Sessions macro also benefit users of Enzo, because it automates all necessary steps to log in, turn on the screen, launch the browser, start a web conference or meeting in DropBox tapping the button 'Start Conference web '. Control capabilities, such as turning off lights, lower the projection screen and increased volume, can also be integrated in a macro Enzo session.

To facilitate global collaboration, this version of Enzo adds web conferencing by simply connecting the new video camera AMX Sereno (more on Digital AV Magazine) So that meeting attendees can participate in them instantly through your favorite application (Skype or Microsoft Lynx) and add new ones in the future.

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By • 26 Jun, 2014
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