Available in 55, 47, 42 and 32 inch formats, the PN-series has been designed by Sharp thinking about applications of digital signage for commercial spaces. Display systems that incorporate side and player backlight by USB.

Sharp PN-and. Luxury Hotel Lobby

Sharp went to InfoComm 2014que is held from the 14 to the 20 of June in them Vegas, with a selection of their new screens for spaces commercial, including the series of monitors LCD PN- and that incorporates backlight side and player of video through connection USB.

Sharp PN-andSome equipment that will be available in the market next fall and are intended for use in digital signage in public spaces such as commercial applications. Media Player USB that incorporates allows easy viewing of videos in most of the file formats available, without the need of linking a PC screens.

Los monitores de la serie PN-Y estarán disponibles en 55 pulgadas (PN-Y555), 47 pulgadas (PN-Y472), 42 pulgadas (PN-Y422) y 32 pulgadas (PN-Y325), e incluyen una completa serie de conexiones con PC y otras señales de vídeo. Esta línea ofrecen un diseño elegante, con un marco delgado, y puede reproducir los contenidos tanto en formato holizontal como vertical.

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By • 26 Jun, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Events, Dynamic advertising

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