The cradle of the music country has a CITES in the Museum that the last year opened its doors in the city of Bristol. The Birthplace of Country Music is a space endowed with the most innovative AV technologies that seeks to offer visitors a complete experience immersive and interactive.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Between Virginia and Tennessee is the Birthplace of Country Music, a subsidiary of the Smithsonian Institution, a museum that focuses its theme in the history of the music country, dating back to 1927 and the Bristol Sessions.

Located in the Center historic of Bristol, the building, a former dealer restored, has with 7.315 meters square and offers multiple experiences theatrical, of film and sound, as well as different programs educational and exhibition.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

In this environment, where the music is the main attraction, the audio also plays a priority role. This building has of an infrastructure AV of whose systems has been responsible for the company Electrosonic, while SH Acoustics as acoustics and audio consultant, he helped to achieve better project sound calibration. StudioMUSarx, under the direction of Joe Nicholson, is has charge of the design of them exhibitions. Burwil was the contractor general for the Museum.

"There were a number of challenges that were faced given that it was an old building, with historical significance, which had to be restored. Had that work with surfaces acoustically difficult and create the experience of a sound of high quality for the visitors. Optimize the sound in the entire Museum was the goal, either in the rooms or exhibitions", explains Steve Haas, President of SH Acoustics.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum


The Birthplace of Country Music Museum has with five theatre and four of them have been equipped by Electrosonic. The more large, the Orientation Theater, has a room of waiting whose style simulates a station of train.

Visitors hear the sound effects and music through historical clips that are activated des panels which have been built in the walls. When is listen as the train is slowing down, them doors is open and is can enter to the room of cinema for see it projection ' Bound to Bristol' that is on the heritage musical of the Bristol Sessions.

The Orientation Theater is equipped with a projector of InFocus, speakers Renkus-Heinz, subwoofers Bag End and panels of sound activated by Acoustic Enhancements. A pair of monitors NEC monitors above the runway provides subtitles.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

The smallest room, called Greasy Strings Theater, offers a video loop which explores musical techniques. You have installed a projector of BenQ and speakers of Innovox and Tannoy.

The Chapel room is designed with a couple of banks of church where visitors can rest and watch a video about local evangelical groups and how the music has included in the faith. It has a BenQ projector, speakers Tannoy and four Acoustic Enhancements that trigger sound panels that are integrated into the banks.

To visualize the projections, the walls of these three rooms have been coated with Screen Goo surfaces; While the video is provided by the DVM8500 players of Alcorn McBride.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

A stop in the immersion room comes later in the tour with a video that tries to make visitors feel members of the world of country music, including performances of different artists from Jimmie Rodgers to Lynyrd Skynyrd. This room includes a custom curve screen of Da-Lite, three BenQ projectors, a player Dataton Watchout, speakers Tannoy and subwoofers Bag End. The walls are covered with murals showing crowd of fans of country music at the annual festival of Rhythm & Roots meeting in Bristol.

Throughout the Museum, there is installed a series of interactive touch screens of Elo Touch 32 inch that involve visitors in various aspects of the Bristol Sessions and the heritage of the music country. Also there is arranged different experiences for visitors to experiment with music and enjoy it.

Another interesting experience that offers the Birthplace of Country Music Museum revolves around the artist and TV presenter Tennessee Ernie Ford whose history is displayed in a kiosk of video hosted by a DVM8500 system of Alcorn McBride. He video ' Rediscovered / Reinvented' is shows in a monitor of 46 inch that is powered by a machine of video digital Alcorn McBride, where is shows how the media of communication and them films integrate the music country today.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Radio station

The Museum also counts with its own station of radio internal of work. The visitors can see through a glass how would be the cabin of audio and room of control of a Studio of radio of 1940. This room features a vintage equipment which would have in those years with authentic consoles Raytheon that allows you to convert analog signals into digital. A license of FM of low power has been granted by the FCC and the study soon will begin to issue through its own radio station.

Outside the windows, Electrosonic has provided computers to create an interactive environment where visitors can tune four recorded shows while the radio station is not transmitting. Audio playback is provided by a system QSC Q-Sys.

To manage all the AV infrastructure of the museum, you are arranged on the second floor three control rooms that have been built by Electrosonic connected via a fiber network. The museum staff is responsible for the maintenance of all the audio and video.

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

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