Performances and interactive installations, digital art or multimedia interactive opera Metatopia are some of the free activities which, from the 20th to the 25th day of the month of July, will take place in the streets of Madrid and public spaces, as part of the international forum Metabody 2015.

Medialab Prado Metatopia 2015

Medialab Prado, la Casa Encendida, Azca and other public spaces of Madrid will host the digital, interactive and multimedia activities, all free, that will be held during the Metabody 2015 International Forum. These include the multimedia interactive opera Metatopia, unprecedented coproduced by nine institutions in six countries, coordinated by Jaime de el Val, of the collective back, based in Madrid.

Metatopia transcends the boundaries of the stage, in a set of performances and urban installations that involve the most avant-garde proposals of interactive digital art. This production has been generated in the framework of the European project Metabody, involving 38 institutions from 16 countries.

It's an opera without singing or scenario, in which the bodies of the participants generate sound with his movement and voices are electronically processed in real time, a new type of artwork that uses all the senses and non-conventional spaces in participatory formats.

Medialab Prado Metatopia 2015

This proposal has as main headquarters Medialab-Prado, in whose Auditorium and in multiple passes (from 16:30 to 20:30 h) which will take place from 22 to 25 July, is offered a set of fifteen performances and interactive installations: a proposal of new participatory formats in which the public will experience firsthand subtle modifications of their perception and interactive architectures that are physically transformed with the movement.

Some of these facilities will be drawn every night, between days 20 and 25 of this month of July, the streets of downtown Madrid. In particular, the 20th will be a special session in Azca, attempt to regenerate this urban space with artistic actions of Metatopia, which is also a platform of metagaming. a game expanded and taken to the reality that opens the stage format to other participatory by addressing the problem of social control through technology, in which humans are part of a large planetary ciberorganismo that all records with the Big Brother Data.

Medialab Prado Metatopia 2015

The different scenes of the opera, in format of multimedia interactive installations and performances, staged modes of escape that control by modifying behavior and perception. With subtitle Occupy 2.0 makes a nod to 15 M movements with new forms of intervention of the urban and responses to social control.

Presentations are preceded by nine days of production open to public participation at Medialab Prado, and it also includes an international conference with the theme 'Hacking Big Data Brother', on days 21 and 22 at La Casa Encendida, which will pose a debate around the body as a tool against mass surveillance.

All this is part of the international forum Metabody 2015 Madrid, the annual meeting in Madrid of the European project of the same name that it presents alternatives to cultural homogenization through the development of new technologies that take into consideration the complexity of the corporeal and nonverbal communication.

Medialab Prado Metatopia 2015

The Forum brings together more than fifty international innovators of the convergence of technologies, humanities, arts and activism. The American feminist Karen Barad, of the University of California at Santa Cruz, that quantum physics combines with the 'performativity of gender', will be the guest star of the Conference at La Casa Encendida; the specialist in robotics and emotions Kevin LaGrandeur, of the New York Institute of Technology; engineer Adrian Freed, of the University of Berkeley; the German philosopher Stefan Sorgner, specialist in bioethics; the artist Shu lea Cheang, from Paris with his new film 'Fluid'; the dancer Muriel Romero, or developer Marije Baalman, are some of the specialists who will meet in the Forum under the coordination of the madrilenian artist Jaime de el Val.

Metatopia 1.0 is a phase of Metabody project, which will continue to develop until 2017 when it will take the form of an interactive pavilion that, as a barrack of the XXI century and expanding pioneer projects like the 'polytopes' architect and composer Iannis Xenakis, will travel Europe performing in the streets and squares of nine cities.

Medialab Prado Metatopia 2015

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By • 14 Jul, 2015
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