This convertible device, between tablet and notebook, incorporates the advantages and functions required to work abroad, in difficult weather conditions, and mobile professionals can do their job with all the guarantees of connectivity and performance.

Toughbook CF-20 is the new system portable flexible, convertible and of high performance for professional mobile of Panasonic, that combines the functions of a portable resistant all-in-one and the versatility of a tablet, offering to six modes different of use depending on the work that is develop.

This device is the first of its kind that is marketed with Windows 10 Pro and also to incorporate the sixth-generation processor Intel Core vPro. Designed for professional use in complex environments, it has a touch screen that can be used with gloves, as well as anchoring for the vehicle systems and desktop support to measure.

For its development, Panasonic has counted with the help of them customers through its program of Toughbook Early Adopter, as has been the case of it company Zurich Engineering, whose responsible have qualified to Toughbook CF-20 as "the device portable robust of the future." We have formed part of a process of development that has helped in the design of a system that meets the needs of almost any worker on a stage in the open air and with sufficient capabilities".

Thanks to its six different modes of operation, Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 can fit a wide range of commercial uses. The tablet you can separate; It can operate as a normal laptop and in display mode; through the handle built-in in the device facilitates its management hung in the wall, in the arm or while is transports, while the mode of vehicle allows the functionality complete of the device even when is is in movement.

In this sense, it is a device specially geared to fleet management and car hire, employees, maintenance of field technicians in public services or telecommunications, as well as government agencies, defence or emergency services, among other sectors.

Designed for outdoor use, Toughbook CF-20 is optimally readable both under intense sunlight and heavy rain thanks to its WUXGA display, 10.1 inch capacitive and multitouch (up to ten fingers even when wearing gloves), with panel IPS, resolution of 1.920 × 1, 200 pixels and 800cd/m². It also has the option of a digital pen IP55 for those workers needing a very high level of precision in the use of the touch screen, writing or drawing even under the most extreme weather conditions.

Thanks to hot-swap option, the batteries can be changed when necessary and while the device is in use. Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 has with a battery of power and another optional that is can insert in the unit's base of the keyboard to provide the double of capacity of the battery.

Para garantizar la conectividad de los trabajadores, el sistema incorpora una cámara web de 2 MP con micrófonos estéreo y una cámara trasera de 8 MP. También cuenta con las opciones de 4G LTE para la conexión a los sistemas de la oficina y de U-Blox 8 GPS para una navegación precisa. El soporte para vehículos dispone de una antena que asegura una transmisión y recepción de señal en movimiento.

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By • 24 Nov, 2015
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