With Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses, buyers who attend the Volvo dealers may set up, at the point of sale, how will be the vehicle that want to acquire and interact in a virtual world.

Volvo and Microsoft they have teamed up to explore new scenarios for the automotive world and introduce holograms of HoloLens technology experience of purchase within the dealers. The aim is to provide the necessary information to the buyer so that it can customize the car before buying it.

Volvo vision aligns with the Microsoft put the user at the center of the experience and HoloLens allows people to be on the real but surrounded and immersed world with a virtual environment.

"HoloLens offers the freedom to create an experience tailored to customers, choose the model of car that you want to and experiment with colors and different functionalities and features," explains Björn Annwall, senior Vice President of Marketing, sales and service in Volvo Car.

With the power of holograms you can you have a complete view of the interior of the vehicle, a closer on your engine look, inspect the chassis or see the action. "The car you can see as you have configured a large scale, as a hologram of HD projected in a garage, even before the vehicle has been manufactured".

The fruit of this partnership between Microsoft and Volvo was present at the headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond (United States), where it became clear how customers can set the car in three dimensions.

According to Annwall, HoloLens technology could lead dealers to design less traditional sales environments and enable them to create a car configurator on small shops of pop-up, shopping malls or on the street, opening up new sales channels and allowing reach an audience of purchase much higher.

But this technology is not only a tool that brings benefits at the point of sale but can also be used by engineers when designing new models that can be displayed in real time as it will be that prototype underway.

Por otra parte, Volvo y Microsoft están trabajando para ampliar aún más su acuerdo de colaboración y desarrollar nuevas tecnologías aplicables al mundo de la automoción como puede ser la automoción autónoma. Se espera que otras áreas de cooperación pueda incluir la información recogida por los coches y sus conductores para optimizar la experiencia de conducción y la posibilidad de utilizar el análisis predictivo para mejorar la seguridad.

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By • 24 Nov, 2015
• Section: Cases of study, Business, Projection, Augmented reality, Simulation

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