This new technological equipment from manufacturer Dubai recorded comments from the users in real time so that companies have a feedback of the services and promotions offered, in order to reduce dissatisfied customers and provide better care.

Wavetec Opinion Plus, a team that helps to identify in real time the problems and opportunities faced by the different companies of products and services is available. This system has elements to gather the opinions and data provided by the customers so that brands improve the shopping experience, to engage in dialogue with consumers and achieve customer satisfaction.

The companies have that invest between a 600 and 700% for capture to a new customer by each consumer that lose, due in it most of the times to a bad attention in them services that offers. This makes companies to devote more and more resources in promoting excellence in service to the user to create regular and long-lasting consumer.

Data provided by Wavetec according to recent market studies located in 91% the percentage of dissatisfied customers or that he would not again to a settlement after a bad experience, which adds that 78% would make a purchase but already had the acquisition provided, what is a sensible loss for the company's products and services.

Tobias Bessone, Wavetec deputy general director, points out in this regard that "we have focused on detect problems of companies and offer them solutions, as Opinion Plus, which is an intelligent resource that easily get feedback from customers. "Also, in this team is can design and create screens for the customer, collecting their data and opinions for activate a flow continuous of questions, to get information on the behavior of the client and their preferences, providing so them tools necessary to improve the quality of the service".

Management, analysis and reporting of Opinion Plus is made through the management portal Wavesphere of the company, which allows data analyzed may arise from different perspectives, to explore and evaluate data in different hierarchies and form ordinate branches.

In addition to user feedback, Opinion Plus can measure increasing levels of consumer loyalty, create a user base expanded and have information to take concrete actions that lead to efficient planning and to enhance the brand image.

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By • 25 Nov, 2015
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