The project is based on the platform of Internet of Things (IoT) Thinking Things Telefonica applied in collaboration with the Center of the Foundation for Research in Ethology and Biodiversity (Fieb) in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo), whose first work has It has been for the most endangered mammal in Europe: the mink.

Telefónica He has performed in the Center of the Foundation for Research in Ethology and Biodiversity (Fieb) Located in the town of Toledo Casarrubios del Monte, the first results of the study platform behavior in wildlife SMARTfieb, where IoT technology (Internet of Things used - this company's Internet of Things), and it has been applied to the study and protection of the European Mink (Mustela lutreola), Whose population of the Iberian Peninsula is the ultimate representation of the continent of this species about which little is known.

The SMARTfieb platform is designed with a dual purpose: to control infrastructure and environmental conditions of the research center and allow the application of advanced technologies for automatic video recognition for non-invasive study of animals. Thus, Fieb centrally controls the water and electrical infrastructure, as well as the temperature and humidity of all animal facilities.

Through RFID technology, video analysis (with technology enterprise network video surveillance MOBOTIX) And environmental sensing systems (with equipment raspberry Pi and Arduino), SMARTfieb facilitates obtaining critical information to improve curricula and breeding threatened animals such as the European Mink.

The data generated by these devices and sensors are collected in real time and stored on the shelf IoT Thinking Things Telefonica, to facilitate analysis and subsequent consultation based on European standards fiware tools, with which the company extends the use and the application of IoT, far more focused on industry and Smart Cities, the scientific community.

Operation of the nest box: crossing data sensors

The SmartFieb technology will automatically detect patterns of behavior in the breeding season next spring to provide key biological moments like zeal, childbirth or entry, in addition to situations out than usual, such as stress or the appearance of diseases, all while minimizing physical contact with animals.

As part of the project has developed a Web specifically, where the interested user will have information and progress of the project, as well as real-time access to IP cameras installed in some of the areas of breeding projects.

Conservation projects of endangered species

Desde el año 2005 existe un programa de cría en cautividad del Visón Europeo dentro de la Estrategia Nacional de Conservación de la especie, coordinado por el Magrama, en el que participan las Comunidades Autónomas de La Rioja, las tres Diputaciones del País Vasco, Aragón, Castilla y León, Navarra y Cataluña. En el centro de cría de Fieb se alojan diez ejemplares destinados a la cría en cautividad en unas instalaciones especialmente diseñadas para estos mamíferos.

Besides recreating the riparian ecosystem and provide maximum space, facilities have technology for behavioral observations 24 hours a day. In addition to a system network cameras with HD resolution for day and night vision, modules where European minks are housed have sensors presence / absence, weight sensors, IP cameras footprint heat Mobotix and a station weather for temperature data, air quality, radiation UVA / UVB, humidity and rainfall.

The application of this technology will identify the effects of different weather factors and their variation over time in the behavior of European minks and as the further development of applications, moving to field studies, the impact of climate change in endangered species, etc.

With SMARTfieb, Telefónica joins efforts to protect this species collaborating technologically facilities Fieb that began to develop in 2013 with support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, through the Biodiversity Foundation and Acciona .

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By • 26 Nov, 2015
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