Jorge Ezquerra, country manager at ViewSonic Iberia, analyzed in this Tribune for Digital AV Magazine seven arguments that advises on the gradual replacement of traditional 3LCD projectors DLP technology in educational and business environments.

Today we find a considerable number of brands and models of projectors on the market that are differentiated primarily by the benefits they offer and the price. Being a very competitive environment with well-established brands and high quality products, it is important to understand that the choice of projection technology is also a key element in renewing or acquire for the first time a team.

The debate that tries to conclude on which technology is the best projection is endless. The largest and most widespread technologies projection -DLP and 3LCD- time work for users in offices or schools as well as individuals, can play your files, photos or movies with maximum ease and readability possible.

In this paper we present and bring seven arguments which, from the point of view of Viewsonic and market research, it is worth assessing the advantages of DLP technology projectors and consider the gradual replacement of traditional 3LCD.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a patent by the US company Texas Instruments, which consists of a chip composed of an array of micro mirrors, which are digitally polarized. Depending on the number of times these are polarized will be more or less light reflected by each of these micro mirrors.

By using only one chip, the reflected light passes through a color wheel that rotates synchronously forming images with the combination thereof. This projection technology is based on the award-winning DLP Cinema technology, which has been used in the film industry since the beginning of the first digital movies in 1999.

Optimal image contrast

It is in this area where the greatest differences between 3LCD and DLP technology. While DLP projectors with one remains fascinated by their level of contrast and brightness, 3LCD computer users can enjoy the most natural of colors.

Si bien las carencias en cuanto a luminosidad se han ido solventando en los últimos modelos LCD, el brillo en la reproducción de imágenes en color es aún una limitación para la total consolidación de esta tecnología. Por otro lado, las marcas de proyectores más innovadoras que han invertido en tecnología DLP destacan que, a nivel cromático, la reproducción del color negro y del color blanco es más fiel a la realidad, ofreciendo negros más oscuros y blancos más brillantes.

Rates native contrast over 2000: 1 (becoming in some projectors 22000: 1), DLP systems offer a projection of text, tables, graphics and content that are easy to read, but are displayed in a space with ambient light. They also provide a single service at different projection technologies to provide optimized filling eliminates pixels pixelated image.

More accurate colors

Para la presentación de informes en la oficina o para las proyecciones en el aula se necesita que la precisión de los colores sea máxima, con una proyección lo más fiel posible a la realidad. En este sentido, la mayoría de los proyectores DLP cuentan con tecnología BrilliantColor, o tecnologías de color propias, que suben el nivel de rendimiento del color y de la calidad de imagen.

In addition, these technologies offer own color, multi-color processing of six segments (red, blue, green, cyan, magenta and yellow), allowing us to offer more side colors. The processing more than three RGB (red, green and blue) colors, makes it difficult to reproduce, such as human skin colors are seen natural and realistic manner.

Playing Videos

Los proyectores DLP cuentan con un chip que proporciona un tiempo de respuesta de 16 microsegundos cuando se reproducen vídeos, lo que proporciona máxima fluidez en la imagen y elimina el efecto fantasma (ver doble imagen). Esta tecnología de proyección ha sido diseñada para aplicaciones donde la acción a alta velocidad y el movimiento rápido de las imágenes es clave.

In this regard, it is worth noting again that the current technology used in DLP projectors based on DLP Cinema award-winning technology, a leading Hollywood film industry since the launch of the first digital film in 1999. This is a factor relevant to the education sector, which requires optimal viewing of videos and documentaries in the classroom.

Guarantee continued use of the projector

DLP technology allows long periods of continuous projection, without interruption or overheating. Also, this type of lamp free projectors have light sources with a lifespan of over 20,000 hours.

zero maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of DLP technology is the low maintenance required, which means reducing costs over the life of the projector. Because DLP technology does not work with the traditional lamp used in LCD projectors and filter changes required, we can say that DLP projectors are almost the maintenance free.

The fact operate without lamp makes this does not have to be replaced periodically, avoiding discomfort to equipment maintenance office or school.


When the projector is chosen, not only you have to consider the purchase price of the product, but also maintenance costs that directly or indirectly impact on the total costs of investment.

DLP technology is available at an affordable price that fits perfectly with budgets for equipping businesses and schools. In addition, this technology reduces overall cost of purchasing a projector as unfiltered benefits without lamp, as discussed above, result in almost zero maintenance costs.

Same projection distance for convenient replacement

Un aspecto muy importante a considerar cuando se reemplaza la tecnología 3LCD es la distancia de proyección. Algunos fabricantes de proyectores DLP lo han tenido en cuenta y ofrecen equipos con la misma distancia de proyección que los 3LCD (de 1,5 a 1,8 metros), lo que significa que el usuario podrá instalar el nuevo proyector DLP sin necesidad de hacer cambios estructurales ni de instalación, ya que el dispositivo se puede colocar en el mismo soporte de techo que el anterior.

Considering aspects such as the quality of the image, color accuracy, durability projectors, maintenance costs and ease with which you can replace a 3LCD projector by one DLP, is intended to provide the starting point for users and companies to consider the modernization and improvement of their equipment.

Jorge Ezquerra

Country Manager Iberia en ViewSonic

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