Until January 10, this festival focused on the authors linked to the city of Barcelona, working in the field of video creation (video art, documentary of creation, video installations, etc.), will show all the innovations in the Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona.

The tenth edition of Flux Festival It will offer until next January 10 in the Arts Santa Monica Barcelona a series of monographic sessions dedicated to the authors of video related to this city working in everything what it can be called video creation, offering them a space so they can show their creations and the evolution of his work.

The goal of Flux with these sessions in which the public has an overall view of each author, in terms of video production and documentation, an aspect that is sometimes difficult to achieve in other competitions and group exhibitions that offer disclosure, but a fragmented, partial and sometimes, decontextualised work knowledge.

The Central authors of this edition of the festival are JimJak, Mabel Palacín and Elisabet Prandi, artists of diverse backgrounds that fade with an own gaze in the fields of art, video art, videoinstallation, documentary and audiovisual experimentation.

It also presents silent videoinstallation Flux Mut, work of Julián Álvarez, and collective videoinstallation Flux Videocapsa, where experiments with alternative exhibition formats of video works, consisting of unpublished videos of authors Miguel Andrés, Arturo Bastón, Angie Bonino, Lalo Garcia & Raimon Lorda, Kikol Grau, Félix Pérez Hita, Rrose Present, Ms. Audiovisual, Pia Sommer and Morrosko Vila-San - Juan.

Otras actividades que se han añadido al programa clásico con motivo del décimo aniversario del festival son el proyecto expositivo con videoinstalaciones inéditas de Francesca Llopis, Albert Merino y Jordi Teixidó; el estreno de un documental sobre las diez ediciones de Flux Festival, y la proyección de los autorretratos creados por los 34 autores centrales del festival desde 2005 hasta 2015.

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By • 4 Jan, 2016
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