With the premise of "inaugurate a new decade of global leadership", the manufacturer has presented its new TVs SUHD in 2016 CES, being held these days in Las Vegas, that offer a more realistic picture quality and advanced experience of use, that make this system in the center of connectivity of all the elements of the House.

The technology Quantum Dot and the quality of image that offers is an of the news that Samsung Electronics It has incorporated in its new range of watch SUHD 2016, which exhibits these days in its stand in CES until next January 9, that make this system in the center of the connectivity of all elements of the Home technology IoT (Internet of Things - Internet of things).

For Hyun Suk Kim, President of Visual Display of Samsung Electronics division, said that "the new TV SUHD shows our singular commitment for innovation to deliver what matters most to users, providing the best image quality for the home. In 2016, we will go a step beyond in everything we've done so far to provide a synergy of design and engineering prowess remarkable."

TVs Samsung SUHD 2016, manufactured with environmentally-friendly technology (cadmium free) environment, incorporate a display Quantum Dot 10-bit to offer greater realism in image quality, more brightness and contrast, as well as more vivid colors. The company also has given response to the consumers that these systems offer these features advanced without depending upon of the level of light that has in the environment.

Another novelty is that this year all Samsung SUHD televisions will have the ability to offer a Premium 1,000 nits of HDR HDR, in order to provide a higher level of contrast between light and dark images. New technology Ultra Black also significantly reduces the reflection of light and, therefore, increases the quality of the image.

Two years after introducing the first curved TV in the world, the manufacturer has designed SUHD KS9500, the first TV with an extremely thin frame, curved to offer a brighter view and a unique user experience. Without frame which usually work as you edge, the viewer's attention is solely on what matters most: the contents of the screen.

Developed on the OS Tizen, Samung Smart TV 2016 TVs, facilitate users discovery and access to all their favorite content as well as the various services, from movies and television games programmes and information of the program, all in the same place. New Smart Hub 2016 is designed to give users easy access to new content, all in one place.

This new TV eliminates the need to have several remote controls, since it automatically recognizes the type of decoder, the game console or the system of home theater connected to it, so that users can control all external devices with Smart remote, without prior configuration.

TVs SUHD 2016 include IoT hub, developed by Samsung with SmartThings, so that they can connect and control more than two-hundred devices compatible with this technology, either to see who knocks at the door, take the lock or turn off the lights. To make compatibility complete with SmartThings devices, a USB SmartThings adapter is necessary.

Reproductor Ultra HD Blu-Ray

Samsung has also released UBD-K8500, its first Ultra HD DVD Blu-Ray compatible with HDR and offers up to four times the resolution and 64 times more detail in color expression than a standard Blu-Ray player. With curved design on the front, when used with televisions SUHD Quantum Dot technology provides optimum image quality, plus improve on DVD and Blu-Ray discs thanks to its scalable technology.

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By • 7 Jan, 2016
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