The screen that have been installed by Daktronics and Futurad in Panama measured 35 meters high by 17 wide and has a design of 15HD pixels, which provide a great image clarity and contrast.

Daktronics It has partnered with the digital signage company, Futuradto install the largest display use market in Latin America.

This solution of visualization of 595 square meters and is currently being installed in the city of Panama, along the southern corridor on the autopista Sur (South Freeway). It's one of the ways of greater traffic which leads to the airport and the business district of the city.

"We are very pleased to partner with Futurad on an installation so iconic, show what can offer technology Daktronics Led to Panama and its visitors in a great location," explains Pete Egart, Vental international Vice President of Daktronics.

The screen measures 35 meters high by 17 wide and features a design of 15HD pixels that provide a great image clarity and contrast.

"Has been a big challenge the installation of this screen large format Led, not only to find the proper location but also the company and technology that would provide us the best solution." Daktronics has allowed us to realize this idea and turn it into a benchmark", says Iván. A. Vallarino, President of Futurad.

LED technology and display video content Daktronics takes into account environmental protection and is designed to provide long life with consistent and low power consumption performance.

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By • 8 Jan, 2016
• Section: Digital signage, Display

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