In the main lobby of the building Mammel of the University of Nebraska at Omaha has been installed a screen DF-55 double face that is used for event notification.

The University of Nebraska in Omaha (one) has stationed by the signage digital to get a communication more efficient within the campus. And, for this reason, has installed a screen DF-55 of AG Neovo. This display of double face and bracket type shed being used for notification of events in the reception hall of the building Mammel.

This building of 36.576 square meters was built in 2010 and has been designed with small rooms for team projects, as well as open spaces and places private independent study.

A environment that houses the Faculty of administration of companies (CBA) of it one and is equipped with the last technology to improve the experiences of learning. Some facilities that come with the recognition as first building academic with distinction in LEED (leadership in energy and design environmental) in the State of Nebraska.

Located in the main lobby, the DF-55 screen has received a very positive response from students so the University hopes to add more units to the campus in the future. "The display of AG Neovo fits perfectly in our building." Occupies little space to while provides a visualization to double face of high resolution for our signage digital. Also highlights the great stability of the unit despite their size,"explains David Nielsen, Vice Dean of the College of business administration of the one.

The DF-55 of AG Neovo is a dedicated digital display of commercial quality with Full HD resolution (1.920 × 1. 080p) on each surface display, 450 nits of brightness and a contrast ratio of 3.000:1.

These features allow you to provide crisp images and support changes in lighting in various indoor environments. The metal housing that is built and the laptop to install on the ground support are also essential elements for public environments.

Diseñado con un resistente panel MVA que proporciona un ángulo de visualización panorámico y con un perfil plano de 23,4 mm, el sistema DF-55 de AG Neovo cuenta con conexiones HDMI duales para facilitar la integración de IPC o reproductores multimedia de terceros, además de facilitar la visualización de contenido individual en cada pantalla para incrementar el impacto.

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By • 11 Jan, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display

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