The German multinational has developed technology Ambeo 3D for capture and playback of audio immersive marking its growth strategy in this market, has announced the recent celebration of 2016 CES in Las Vegas.

Ambeo 3D is the new technological and strategic bet of Sennheiser to compete in the environment of "immersive 3D sound" solutions, as have announced their CEOs, Daniel Sennheiser and Andreas Sennheiser, during his recent participation in CES 2016, which expected to transform from the experience in virtual reality games to audio production.

To do so, the German manufacturer has developed an algorithm that enhances the sound and that the user perceives so immersive, 360-degree, to be integrated in Sennheiser products with this technology under the new brand Ambeo.

The CEOs of the company have highlighted that "3D audio is the new frontier of excellence, established to transform the experience of listening to users across a wide range of applications, from the virtual reality of the game to the audio recording and broadcasting. We are active in this area for some time with technology 9.1 mixing and recording and designing audio for high-profile exhibitions. Now we are increasing our efforts significantly by introducing this incredible sound quality into new products and applications, allowing users to experience and to shape the future of audio".

In line with this strategy, Sennheiser also put forward that it will soon, probably in the third quarter of this year, a microphone specially designed for virtual reality, and in 2017 will have developed a software for listening post content in this environment.

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By • 12 Jan, 2016
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