After the incorporation of the group to TC Electronic Music Group, the company has signed a commercial agreement with Adagio Group to distribute Tannoy, Lab.gruppen and Lake brands in Spain and Portugal.

Known brands of professional audio Tannoy, Lab.gruppen and Lake will as a distributor in the Iberian market Group AdagioResult of an agreement with Music Group shortly after it was incorporated into the company TC Electronic. Specifically, the division AdagioPro which will be marketed in Spain and Portugal the products of those companies, add to the other brands of its portfolio more professional level, as Midas, Klark Teknik, HK Audio or Audio Martin, among others.

AdagioPro, belonging to the division Adagio distributionIs the business unit oriented rental markets, projects and engineering, which strengthens these new firms frontline its proposal on the market.

Tannoy is one of the pioneers in the world of speakers, founded in England in 1926, with a wide range for installation and PA in different environments, with high resistance to weathering (certified IP) and an option to comply with EN54.

AMS is the latest addition to the portfolio of Tannoy, offering a level of protection IP65 series. In its proposal also they highlight its QFlex columns which guide the sound thanks to the architecture of the transducers, internal DSP software algorithms and guidance as well as their different ranges ceiling speakers / suspended CMS, CVS and OCV.

Meanwhile, Lab.gruppen, founded in 1979, began integrating processing Lake in stages in 2007 (with the known PLM10000Q), until in 2009 bought the brand and Lake technology and since both names have been inseparable. Many of the Swedish brand amplifiers incorporate processed Lake.

La calidad y robustez de las etapas de potencia Lab.gruppen han convertido a la marca en un referente del sector, que las incorporan como amplificación para sus altavoces. Al igual que sus etapas de potencia para instalación, como las series D, C, E, LUCIA o IPD, y las diseñadas para directo, como PLM+, FP+ (también IPD); muchas de la cuales incorporan sistemas de control, monitorización, así como DSP, entradas digitales, entradas GPIO y otros valores añadidos.

The latest addition to the proposal are the IPD stages, which can be controlled remotely from an iPad app through a router connected to the common use stage. For small installations, the company has the series Lucia, offering combinations with the aforementioned AMS series of Tannoy for bars or terraces.

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By • 13 Jan, 2016
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