The German loudspeaker manufacturer aims to beat the world record with the world's largest at the event called 'We're Filling The Stadium' PA system to deliver the best sound technology interpreters 10,000 that calls for participation in this project, to be held on July 9, 2016 at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt.

The event is sponsored by HK Audio, whose products sold in the market Spanish Adagio distribution, pretende batir récord en todos los sentidos, ya que más de 10.000 músicos interpretarán, en la orquesta más grande hasta ahora creada, cuatro piezas clásicas: en concreto extractos de la Novena Sinfonía de Dvorak; el cuarto movimiento de la ‘Novena Sinfonía’ de Beethoven; el tema principal del musical Starlight Express, y Was My First Love de John Miles.

Dubbed 'We're Filling The Stadium', this project will take place on July 9, 2016 at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, which is expected to bring together 30,000 people, and will have the supervision and direction of the composer, pianist German conductor and orchestra Wolf Kerschek and with the participation of German performers also Yvonne Catterfeld, Johannes Oerding and Daniel Wirtz.

In total, and reports Future Music and Adagio Distribution, will join this celebration 40,000 participants to set a new record, provided that the number of musicians exceeds the figure of 7,224 who gathered for a similar event in the Australian city of Brisbane in the year 2013.

As he noted by the project creator, Jens Illemann, "any note account. Only by working together we can succeed in bringing this incredible record to Germany. To that end, any symphonic and wind orchestra, any professional and ambitious amateur any more than welcome to come and play their part in that day. "

Un elemento fundamental para lograrlo es el equipo de sonorización, con suficiente capacidad para reflejar la interpretación de los 10.000 músicos participantes. Un desafío que Cohedra, la tecnología propietaria de line array de HK Audio, superará con toda probabilidad, ya que “este equipo es capaz de proveer un sonido extraordinariamente claro y matizado sin importar el área del recinto a sonorizar o la complejidad de la actuación”.

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By • 14 Jan, 2016
• Section: Audio, Events

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