A collaboration between two companies resulting in the incorporation of the intercom equipment for professional environment of cable and wireless Sennheiser on the portfolio of Lyreco.

Lyreco It has signed an agreement with Sennheiserwhose products distributed Magnetronmarketing their a headset from cable and wireless for office, with special focus on their ranges SC 230, 260 SC, DW, and D10. In addition, and as part of this agreement, the manufacturer has participated in the Lyreco Iberia Sales Convention V, held between 7 and 8 January in Sitges (Barcelona).

In the Mono version, SC 230, and binaural, SC 260, these intercom equipment have been developed for connection to a softphone via USB or to a landline.

They are characterised by their robustness and reliability, in addition to integrate special technologies that make it ideal for professionals who spend long hours in offices and call-center phone. Moreover, it integrates ActiveGard technology which protects the user against acoustic peaks, which are are captured and mitigated.

SC 230 and SC 260, systems provide a higher bandwidth and the extension of the frequency spectrum, which translates into better quality and naturalness of the sound in high-definition (HD Voice) and the spread of voice with all its nuances, either in high or low tones.

Equipped with a microphone cancelling noise capable of rotating 350 °, which ensures a flexible use and high accuracy.

Sennheiser D10 DECT

Sennheiser D10 DECT series consists of three different versions that have been designed to adapt to different jobs.

The D10 Phone model is designed for direct connection to phones table; While the D10 ML USB has been specifically developed to work with Microsoft Lync systems; and D10 USB connects to a softphone or PC, ideal for unified communications environments.

It's a stylish and robust system that offers a solution 2 in 1 for a perfect fit (using headband or earhook), ensuring the comfort of the user throughout the day.

This series is characterized by integrated hearing protection using ActiveGard technology. At the same time, your microphone with noise cancellation makes it possible that conversations carried out in clear and natural way without unwanted interference.

Each of the models of this family provides up to 8 hours of talk time when done in 12 hours when working in narrow band and broadband. In scope, it allows to move up to 55 meters from the base, when there are obstacles such as walls or doors, and up to 180 meters if done in a straight line.

The D10 DECT serieSennheiser offers the option of connecting up to three handsets on a single base for conferences, in addition to having different ringtones of timbre and volume adjustable

Sennheiser series DW

Consisting of a headset and a load cube base, these audio systems offer better wireless communication in high definition and is characterized by its unique design and ergonomics.

Mono version 2 in 1 provides model DW Office, in monaural fixed headband DW Pro1 and binaural DW Pro2. The headset of all integrates technologies that ensure the maximum sharpness and clarity of the talks, notably the ActiveGard technology.

They offer a frequency response ranging from 150 to 6,800 Hz, both in the handset the microphone against the 300-3.500 Hz of traditional helmets.

Thanks to the DECT wireless technology, DW models provide a wide freedom of movement and can talk at a distance of up to 180 meters in direct line from the base and unhindered. Its autonomy reaches four hours of conversation with only charge the headset for 20 minutes, equivalent to 50% of the total load.

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By • 14 Jan, 2016
• Section: Audio, Business

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