Formed by a multidisciplinary team to offer 360 ° communication projects to attract and impact to the visitor, Playmedia has been responsible for the design and interactive technology at the service of the contents of the space Learning Room, located in the Museum of the cultures of the world from Barcelona.

Located in the Gothic palaces Nadal and Marquis de Nueve, front of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, the Museum of world cultures shows more than 2,000 pieces of art from Africa, Asia, America and Oceania the Foundation Folch, fruit of the agreement for twenty years with the city of Barcelona, which in addition to funds and transfers of objects audiovisual and documentary of the Ethnological Museum, the Clos archaeological foundation or the collection archeological Duran Vall-llosera, among others.

This project has audiovisual and interactive systems to make the visitor's experience as impressive as creative and informative. In this sense emphasizes the so-called Learning Room, where the company Playmedia applied innovation and technology at the service of the contents.

This unique space features a large interactive table, designed and created specially for this project, equipped with four multi-touch screens with sound custom so that different users can simultaneously interact with maps and travel around the world albums.

Through this interactive table, visitors can also consult elements of culture, gastronomy, language, music, etc. of the various cultures represented in the Museum's galleries, videos of recipes of the world, audio key words missing languages, phrases written in little-known alphabets...

Playmedia has also developed for the Learning Room of this museum area stories of the world, in which through ten Chinese shadow-based audiovisual, visitors can see Fables representative of different places on the planet. Each story or Fable is contextualized according to the culture and atmosphere of the place of reference, in four languages.

As in other projects, this company has a framework agreement with the University of Barcelona (UB) for collaboration in research and innovation of knowledge related to heritage, in the creation of new tourism and heritage facilities and design conceptualization and presentation of heritage spaces.

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By • 14 Jan, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Training

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