Them formats advertising in video, the mobile, the interconnectivity, as well as them blockers of ads will give much that talk in 2016, as reveals the analysis of trends that annually made this specialist, in which is points also the evolution of the sector before these new challenges in the next months.

According to the analysis of trends in digital marketing and advertising online for this year's Sizmekwith video ads will grow up very fast. Rather than of an increase of the investment, the sector is focus in the own evolution of them ads, since their promoters "will be more beyond of a video pre-roll and create diversity of formats interactive, of video" in-feed e interstitials. Advertising video out-stream (in-read") also amentará, due to the need to expand the inventory of video".

In this environment of growth and also for mobile video, will increase since advertisers will use its interactivity to fit in a market that is still committed to tablets and smartphones, and will promote formats as HTML5 VPAID.

The lack of a single standard for video ad measurement in the sector will lead to emerge new metrics for 2016. Users who connect to an interactive video will be more valued than that complete the display, so the forecast is to add to the impressions and visibility of video proposals by the IAB, new metric as the complete interaction or other similar measures that examined a real involvement of the user.

Control of experience and support

The theme of the ' ad blocking' is also relevant for the sector. While users to take greater measures of control on your advertising experience, there will be greater integration and closeness between supply and demand. "Not is is of block ads, but of being selective." Control measures can be applied provided the user learn to allow entry to certain areas of advertising that you are useful, important and necessary to display content", running from Sizmek.

Media can also play a more active role by adopting more environmentally friendly and non-intrusive ad formats. Advertisers will improve your campaigns through the layers of intelligence that online ads are optimized so that the user to interact more and provide you with a more relevant experience and greater involvement. Technology goes well to be a tool at the service of a single strategy, rather than assume a strategy in itself.

Mobility and interconnectivity

Another feature of trend, not only for 2016, but for the next years are the advances regarding the incorporation of data from disparate sources that converge on a single display to guide comprehensive marketing strategies. Marketing professionals will continue adopting (DMPs) data management platforms and will focus on a unification of marketing, advertising and messages, from a possible merger between advertising technology and data market.

To face this new situation shall be taken several ways. The development and procurement of the large providers of online technology to create their own environments will generate unification and standardization, with the danger of limiting innovation and creativity. Likewise, in an environment that reaches new will remain closed and one excessive control by a large company, all out, which could restrict the options of marketing professionals.

Another focuses on suppliers with open environments. From Sizmek they are inclined to increase collaboration and validation of technological agreements among medium-sized companies that want to make sure that their individual solutions can work with interconnectivity to achieve the common objectives of marketing.

The greatest advances in mobile advertising will be in 2016. With the use of data location, as well as a dynamic creativity, will be served ads most personalized and relevant to the user, as well as corporate mobile applications with advertisements more integrated, with the addition of standard technology MRaid.

Thanks to these standards communication between the functionality of mobile devices and advertising will be established, which will generate customized ads that make life easier for users and will enhance the capabilities that mobile can offer.

The follow-through devices and reach the public will be the major focus in 2016. One of the challenges will be the differentiation of mobile data environments, a key element for the user to have a positive and appropriate experience of online advertising.

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By • 15 Jan, 2016
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