Nearly half of Spaniards see more benefits than harm in the use of Artificial Intelligence, being the men who most rely on this technology and older persons 66-year-old who most appreciate its advantages.

According to a study conducted by the company's advertising and marketing for agencies and brands, Rocket Fuel, the Spanish are a great confidence before the intelligence Artificial. Only 1 of each 10 considers to this discipline as highly destructive and are most which considered much more its advantages that them possible disadvantages that could result.

The 43.2% of them Spanish understands that is more beneficial that destructive, while the 22.2% it recognizes as really beneficial for the society, facing a 10.6 that think that is neutral and a 9.0 and a 1.3 that is more destructive that beneficial or clearly destructive.

By gender, men are those who feel safer with respect to this discipline, to 72.7% it is beneficial, while it is only for a 58.1% of women. By ages, them people of more than 66 years seem to be that more appreciate the advantages of it intelligence Artificial, since a 29.5% of them say that is clearly beneficial, while a 12.3% of them Spanish of between 31 and 40 years think that is destructive.

For 38.6% of the Spanish Artificial Intelligence is assuming a help to solve the world's problems. Them men are that more trust in it, since that response has a greater reception between them men (44.2%) that between them women (32.9%). The population centre which produces more fear is the one aged between 31 and 40 the (22.3%), and less to the younger, from 18 to 30 years (10.8%).

6.9% understands that he represents a threat to humanity, being the highest percentage among the male sex (7.4%) among women (6.4%). By age, children are those who understand more as a threat (10%) and the least the over 65s (2.9%).

When asked by the sectors where more is applied, the Spaniards point first technology (79.7%), followed by defence (72.8%), medicine and pharmacy (46.2%). Above 20% (31.7%) transport and emergency services are also (20.8%). The next sector is marketing and advertising (19.8%), along with construction (18.7%), education (16.8%), trade (13.3%) and music and culture (9.3%).

"We believe that AI is having a positive impact on a large number of industries and we believe that it is more likely to continue offering best practices, innovation and efficiency that assuming a real danger," said Juan Sevillano Zabala, CEO of Rocket Fuel in Spain.

It intelligence Artificial is behind a great amount of aspects of our life daily, but are few them Spanish that it know depending on them answers offered in this survey: the 52.3% of them considered that is uses of form occasional and only a 16.3% thinks that is used widely in the life daily.

9.1% believe that only exists in laboratories and 8% does not exist. 6.7% is of the view that it is only used for military purposes and 2.4% that is science fiction. In addition, there are 5.1% of Spaniards who are not interested in this matter.

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By • 15 Jan, 2016
• Section: Studies

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