The new system, installed by Green Audio, not only replaces which had become obsolete, but it offers reliable Shure sound quality and the possibility of simultaneous translation and control the microphones from a web browser, without the plenary Hall has undergone any modification.

The company Jaen of events and installation of equipment audio-visual Green Audio has carried out the installation of the new system of debate of the Salon of full of it Diputación de JaénSince "the former had become obsolete and began to present problems affecting the proper development of plenary sessions, it was decided to replace it with an adequate solution to the needs of a space with these characteristics", says Rafael Soria, director of Green Audio.

Among the requirements posed for the new system, in addition to ensure optimum sound quality, were ease of installation and configuration, with an intuitive management, reliability, and that it had minimal impact on the furniture and woodworking salon.

The system DDS5900 of DIS by ShureIt markets EarPro in Spain, Portugal and Andorra and that has collaborated in this project, was the solution proposed by Green Audio and that was selected from the County Council of Jaén facing others systems of the market.

Installed to end of the last year, the system DDS5900 offers the possibility of performing translation simultaneous of two channels and of control them different microphones that it make up from a browser web. Also, features with capacity for up to 250 units of Conference, with a protocol open to control external via AMX.

In particular, the DIS system installed in the plenary of the Diputación de Jaén Hall is composed of a central unit CU5905; Twenty-seven units of DC5980P debate and a Repeater-network RP6004 signal splitter. This configuration has been avoided, thanks to its ease of connection via CAT-5 cable, works or interventions in the classroom for installation and take advantage of existing pipelines.

As points out Rafael Soria, "the satisfaction of the Council has been total. The quality of the sound is truly impressive, and the manageability and configuration of the system, of extreme simplicity. In addition, the sound of the room is complete with a system of four boxes acoustic JBL Control 25AV, conectadas a un amplificador Crown XLi800, procesando la señal a través de un DBX modelo Zonepro640. Equipos todos ellos que, junto con sistemas inalámbricos Shure BLX24RE/SM58 para intervenciones externas, mantienen el estándar de calidad del sistema de debate”.

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By • 21 Jan, 2016
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Cases of study

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