New technology of communication for the environment professional, educational and social media, hey! tech; the solution OnBook; and the portablets 2 in 1 and tablets of Vexia are the main protagonists of the stand of Crambo in BETT 2016.

Crambo It has become known in BETT 2016 (stand B408-London Excel) a new technology, called hey! tech, which offers a new model of communication via devices mobile. A useful tool in the field of education promotes interaction and learning, which mitigates the scholastic failure.

When using your phone, tablet or laptop creates an invisible barrier communicative with everything around. This 'wall' between what is being done and the people who are on the side disappears with hey! tech. Break the barriers in interpersonal relationships, promoting interaction and communication in a visual and innovative manner.

Hey! tech is a new model communication that combines a software of use intuitive and a panel of Leds in the part rear of the device. Housing becomes transformed into an interactive window where to express everything what you want to, as and when desired.

The technology hey! tech is synonymous of expression, innovation, interaction, fun... communication. In addition, your application is performed in different environments as professional, social media and education.

With hey! tech and through different games, the Professor can throw comprehension questions to students so they choose the answer you think correct, while that hey! tech sign on the back of the device. In this way, the master can obtain a real understanding of the class feedback and will know if they are in the app or correct web.

This solution provides an interaction more fluid so that the Professor is make of that is assimilated all and each one of them knowledge that is taught in the classroom.

Another of them features more pragmatic of hey! tech is it of detect the website or application where is located the student, what allows to the Professor check that is located in the place right. This avoids distractions with the use of devices in class and solves one of the biggest problems of the introduction of computers and tablets in the classrooms.

OnBook: Secure digital backpack

Cramb has also used his presence to BETT 2016 to show features of OnBook. A solution that integrates the value, education and training, providing a multidisciplinary approach between pedagogy and technology.

OnBook is a solution developed for the environment education that integrates eight tools that allow its use both from students as of teachers and parents.

Backpack Digital secure software is designed to enable capturing the full potential of the tablets in the classroom, keeping security on the content which can be accessed at the same time.

It integrates a powerful parental control to avoid that it is uninstalled. Parents can set the most appropriate level of security for their children, without interfering with school policies and protocols. It also includes a content filtering which protects the students in any situation and time of day, since it allows the school to choose web pages, words or phrases to filter.

OnBook has other tools such as management applications, master and student, or Geoschool.

Vexia technology in the classroom

The Spanish technology brand VexiaIt has also come to BETT 2016, stand Crambo, with solutions focused on the education sector. intuitive Portablets (2 in 1) and tablets designed specifically for education as an essential tool in the classroom.

During the celebration of Bett, attendees will learn the Portablet 10 Plus 2, which includes a tablet and a keyboard. This is an advanced Intel Atom Quad Core, 2GB RAM processor and a 10.1-inch screen device.

They are also equipped with Windows 10 to enjoy all the multimedia content and applications. It has a customizable keyboard for use as a portable classroom.

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By • 21 Jan, 2016
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