The project carried out Microsoft is called Room2Room and to put up have been used Kinect cameras with depth sensors and digital projectors to capture the 3D image of a person who is in a room and project it to size and real time in another.

A group of researchers from Microsoft Research are exploring the form create projections more realistic that den the feeling of that not is is of images in 3D. A project that seeks to get that videoconferencing will become immersive experiences, with the feeling that the person who is located in another place seems is seated against the interlocutor and keeping an almost 'face-to-face' conversation.

This is a project that is being performed under the name of Room2Room and is the extension of the project of Microsoft Research called RoomAlive augmented reality.

Similar to RoomAlive, Room2Room uses Kinect cameras with digital projectors and depth sensors to capture the image of a person in 3D in a room and projecting a version for size and real time from that person on a piece of furniture that is located in another room.

The goal is to create a sense of reality and to keep a 'natural' conversation as if the person were in the same room.

This is an emerging experience posed even many challenges to solve before it can be marketed and used in a boardroom. Sensors and imaging technology is available but the system itself is too bulky and introduces some complexity when it comes to install and configure. In addition, images do not enjoy a high resolution and, sometimes, it is difficult to determine where the eyes of the person that is being talked about is going.

According to Tobias Höllerer, a professor at the University of California, resolution can be improved and the growing popularity of virtual reality, driven by the upcoming release of some helmets targeting consumers by companies like Oculus, could help advance this technology augmented reality. "These are the beginnings of the most immersive conference"

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By • 21 Jan, 2016
• Section: Projection, Augmented reality, Simulation, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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